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LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH

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About us

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH is an innovative developer and manufacturer of short-pulse UV lasers and of different spectrometers and laser-based measuring technique, marketing its products world-wide.

Product range
Laser sources for industrial analytics and medical diagnostics (nitrogen lasers)
Highest-resolution spectrometers and monochromators from UV to the NIR 
Laser-based measuring technique for spectroscopic material analysis and process analytics (LIBS, Raman)
Customized systems and engineering services for scientific and industrial applications

Research & Development Activities
OEM parts for industrial process control, material analysis and sorting (in-line/at-line) based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in mining&exploration, metallurgy, gemology and recycling
Sample analysis based on combined LIBS-Raman spectroscopy
Further development of the nitrogen laser

Aryelle200 with different detectors

CORALIS in use

Company building in Berlin

LTB at Arablab 2019


LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
Am Studio 2c
12489 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 912075100

Contact person:

Dominik Schiller
Technical Marketing

Schirin Börnert
Marketing & Sales Manager Lasers

Products & Services

LTB will present its

- State-of-the-art nitrogen lasers (337 nm, pulse width 3 ns, extremely reliable) for MALDI mass spectrometers and Bioreaders (FRET, TRF)

- high resolution echelle spectrometers series ARYELLE

- virtual CORALIS – a cutting-edge RAMAN-LIBS laboratory benchtop system for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous samples.

- extended information about our newest development CALIBSO, a versatile benchtop LIBS system made for laboratory and industrial use


CALIBSO is a laboratory measurement solution based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS.
The technology allows qualitative and quantitative multielement analysis. By means of a high-quality sample imaging, pre-selected measurement positions are analysed contact free and with high spatial and spectral resolution. The easy-to-use software Sophi nXt ensures the reliable control of all components and forms the central interface between operator and technology.
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CALIBSO benchtop analyzer

Aryelle spectrometers

The ARYELLE series is a high-resolution, optical fiber coupled ARraY echELLE spectrometer series that is characterized by its high sensitivity and high imaging quality.
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Overview Aryelle spectrometer series


CORALIS (COmbined RAman LIbs System) provides unique advantages for applications in the fields of technical cleanliness, particle analysis, forensics and others due to the exceptional combination of imaging, molecular and elemental analysis
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CORALIS desktop system

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