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Funke – Dr. N. Gerber Labortechnik GmbH

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About us

Tradition, Progress, Continuity Since 1904, Funke-Gerber has been an important player in dairy farming.

The production of laboratory apparatus for the testing of milk and foodstaffs is among its crowning achievenments.

The manufacture of centrifuges together with butyrometers and other appliances for the fat determination according Dr.N.Gerber continues to occupy a central place in the company´s business activity.


Funke – Dr. N. Gerber Labortechnik GmbH
Ringstr. 42
12105 Berlin

Phone:  +49 30 7020060

Products & Services

“CryoStar” appliances for the freezing-point determination ary highly regarded on account of their precision and reliability and have been in use in many dairies and institutes for years.

A new era in routine laboratory analysis has been opened by the “LactoStar” appliances together with the new instrument "LactoFlash".

Since 1904, the name Funke-Gerber has been a byword for quality, reliability and continuity.

Following new developments are introduced on the exhibition:

  1. CryoStar I, Freezing Point Determination, Cryoscope

  2. TDT, the new Tap Density Tester

CryoStar I

Automatic Cryoscope
The freezing curve is shown on the display during measuring. This enables the plateau search pescribed by the standard (DIN/ISO/IDF 5764) to be professionally controlled and reproduced.

Easy to use: The operation is menu guided on the touch screen in the language of your choice.
• Free choice of calibration standards
• Plateau search mode, fiexed time mode


Super Vario-N
Multi-Purpose-Centrifuge for the Dairy Industry
5 selectable modes for centrifugation (Gerber test, Röse-Gottlieb, Babcock, Solubillity and Free Mode)
• Centrifugation drum of stainless steel
• Security lid locking device
• Automatic unbalance switch off
• Electrical brake

TDT Tap Density Tester

• Test the tap density of powdered, granular or fleaky material
• Number of tests adjustable from 5-995
• 8 preset programs
• 275 taps/min
• 3 mm tapping height
• Easy handling

The TDT is made according to
• DIN ISO: 8967, 3953, 8460, 9161
• ASTM: D4164, D4781, B527
• IDF 134

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