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EMCLAB Instruments GmbH

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About us

Since its foundation, the core business has been the production and distribution of spectrophotometers. We expanded globally. Certified: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

EMCLAB relocated into a more spacious bureau accommodation with bigger manufacture premises and storage.


  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer range single and double beam as well as

  • EMC-NANO 2 for DNA/protein analysis with 0.2 – 2.5 µl sample volume

  • Inductive magnetic stirrers, hotplate stirrers, submersible stirrers

  • Liquid handling – bottle top dispensers, titration station

  • Software’s:

    • EMC-λ Lambda: newly developed software for all our Spectrophotometers, for flexible and efficient usage applicable for either PC or Tablet

    • EMCLAB Audit Trail Software: to track files in accordance with FDA - 21 CFR part 11 compliance, available for all UV


EMCLAB Instruments GmbH
Kulturstr. 55
47055 Duisburg

Phone:  +49 203 41859410

Contact person:

Klaus Englert
Phone: +49 170 8144036

EMC-18S-UV with EMC-λ Lambda Software

EMC-18S-UV with EMC-λ Lambda Software

Up to 200 methods & 100 standard curves can be stored
Incl. PC software Color TFT screen
Incl. PC software EMC-λ Lambda Software BASIC (Quantitative, Kinetics, Photometry Measurement)
Including: EMCLAB Works Calibration Certificate
EMC-λ Lambda Software (Quantitative, Kinetics, Wavelength Scan, Multi-Wavelength, DNA/Protein)
IQ/OQ/PQ documentation
Audit Trail PC software (FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant)
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EMC-18S-UV with EMC-λ Lambda Software

EMC-IMS - inductive magnetic stirrers

EMCLAB inductive magnetic stirrers are working on the inductive principle. This means that instead of conventional motors with pull magnets, our stirrers are working with stationary coils, which are operating through alternating currents. The thereby generated electromagnetic rotating field is 100% wear- and maintenance-free.
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EMC-IMS - inductive magnetic stirrers

EMC-11S-UV with Software EMC-λ Lambda

Easy to use UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with wavelength 200-1000 nm. Modern design easy to use and fully equipped.
EMC-λ Lambda for EMCLAB UV/VIS Spectrophotometers: The newly developed software can be connected to the following models: EMC-11S series, EMC-18S-UV, EMC-11-UV and EMC-NANO 2.
- Wavelength Measurement
- Spectrum Scan
- Quantitative Measurement
- DNA/RNA Measurement
- Kinetic Measurement

EMC-11S-UV Spectrophotometer from 200-1000 nm Easy to use, with EMC-λ Lambda Software.

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