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About us

behr Labor-Technik – more than 70 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and sales of laboratory equipment. Over time, the company has grown from a small family-run business to an internationally active corporation. Today, customers all over the world appreciate the quality, reliability and practical suitability of our equipment. We lay our main focus on the production of laboratory equipment for environmental and food analysis.

behr Labor-Technik has ranked for many years among the leading German suppliers of equipment for water, waste water and sludge analysis applications. Our offer ranges from cost-effective compact equipment to fully automated workstations for standardized analyses in accordance with national and international standards (DIN/DEV, ISO/EN etc.).

The company´s product range is complemented by analytical instruments for the determination of organic halogens, carbon and sulphur.


behr Labor-Technik GmbH
Spangerstr. 8
40599 Duesseldorf

Phone:  +49 211 7484724

Contact person:

François Sinz
International Sales
Phone: +49 211 7484740

Products & Services

This ARAB LAB, behr Labor-Technik is presenting a range of new and well-established products for the food and feed analysis. With our new ES6 extraction unit according to Randall we want to present an optimized way of extraction.

The system is up to 50% - 70% faster than the classic Soxhlet method, leading to a shorter extraction-time as well as minimized costs by fast extraction.

As part of the well-established products, we are going to present a steam distillation unit, as well as rapid infrared devices, a Kjeldahl Neutralizer and extraction devices according to Soxhlet.

Hot extraction according to Randall: ES6

The new hot extraction system ES6 following Randall is several times faster than the conventional Soxhlet extraction. 31 freely configurable programs for extraction applications allow the heating of all six sample positions simultaneously as well as every sample position individually. The cooling water manifold ensures a uniform cooling at all sample locations while specially designed behrotest® coolers lead to low solvent losses.
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Hot extraction according to Randall: ES6

Steam distillation units: S3

behr steam distillers are not only efficient and reliable partners in the laboratory but also focus on the safety of users by having several safety measures. The distillation units of the S series are the ideal supplement to the behr InKjel digestion systems. With 10 available programs, the S3 automatically additions NaOH and H2O and extracts the sample residues. The distillation time is approx. 3 minutes per sample with a detection limit of 0.1 mg N and an adjustable steam output by 10 - 100%.
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Steam distillation unit S3

Soxhlet extraction: R106S-FB

The behrotest® series extraction devices are complete compact extraction systems and the cost-effective and user-friendly solution for classic Soxhlet and fat extractions.
The R106S-FB has 6 individually adjustable sample positions for 250 ml broad surface flat-bottom flasks. Practical holders for the condenser and extraction adapter allow a secure placement between extractions. Extractors with taps remove the need for additional distillation after the extraction.
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Soxhlet extraction: R106S-FB

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