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cmc Instruments GmbH

cmc Instruments GmbH

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About us

We are a manufacturer of gas generators, moisture trace measuring instruments and oil sensors for measurement, control and analysis.

For industrial customers in chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries as well as for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Decades of experience in these areas and in industrial plant engineering make us an experienced partner for your laboratories and process applications.

From customer-specific questions to concrete solution proposals to commissioning and instruction – we are competent in all these areas.

A highly qualified team of chemists and engineers from a wide range of disciplines is the guarantee for optimal and cost-efficient solutions.


cmc Instruments GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12A
65760 Eschborn

Phone:  +49 617 3320078

Products & Services

cmc Instruments GmbH product portfolio – Nitrogen Gas Generators based on membrane and PSA technology – Zero Air Gas Generators – Purge Gas Generators – TOC Gas Generators – Hydrogen Gas Generators – Trace Moisture Analysers (TMA) suitable for moisture measurements in inert gases, acidic gases, corrosive gases, flammable gases and regarding to the requirements of Pharmacopoeia – Online oil sensor systems designed for continuous monitoring of the oil quality.

The changes in the electrical parameters of the oil allow a direct statement of contamination or overload conditions.

Nitrogen Generator NGM, NGM-C, NGK and NG UHP

Nitrogen Gas Generators from cmc are typical for laboratory applications like LC-MS, FTIR, GC FID, Turbo Vaps and incubators.
The NGM and NG-UHP Gas Generators can deliver nitrogen with a purity of 95% up to 99.99995%.
The NGK nitrogen generator serie has an build in compressor to produce nitrogen independent from a local compressed air source.
All nitrogen generators are designed for plug and play use. A 5 year warranty is an option.
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Zero Air Generator ZA

Zero Air Gas Generators (ZA) from cmc Instruments GmbH are silent, easy to install and cost efficient. Catalytic decomposition of hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm (CH4, eq.) and a delivery rate of 2L/min up to 100L/min of hydrocarbon-free air make the ZA Gas Generators a reliable instrument. Easy maintenance, simple change of the coalescing filter element, installed at the outlet of the unit.
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Hydrogen Generator HG

Hydrogen Gas Generators from cmc Instruments GmbH generate hydrogen gas with a purity of 99.9999%. The user interface is a multilingual, color touch LCD, to make it user-friendly. The system is equipped with automated filling capabilities and has low water level alarm functions. It provides indications for water change and deionization bag change, ensuring timely maintenance and replacement. The system has online support through a network interface enabling remote assistance and troubleshooting.
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