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SEAL Analytical GmbH

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About us

SEAL Analytical is a manufacturer of Environmental automation equipment. Including Discrete and Segmented Flow Analysers, Laboratory Robotics and Pre-Sample treatment equipment.

  • Instrumental Analysis

  • Laboratory Automation

  • Pre-analytical Process Automation

  • Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical and Other Industries

  • Technical Equipment for the Laboratory


SEAL Analytical GmbH
Werkstr. 5
22844 Norderstedt

Phone:  +49 40 60929290

Products & Services

SEAL Analytical, a Porvair company brand, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Environmental Automation Equipment, including Discrete Analysers, Continuous Segmented Flow Analysers, Robotics and Pre-Sample treatment equipment.

SEAL’s instruments are specifically designed and optimised for use with environmental samples.

SEAL analysers are also widely acknowledged as the best-in-class and instrument of choice for monitoring nutrients in water & wastewater, seawater, soils & plant tissue, as well as the quality control of industrial products, fertilizers and tobacco.


The MiniLab series serves as a base model for a range of parameters including: BOD, COD, pH, Conductivity (EC), turbidity, alkalinity and more. With its compact benchtop design, the MiniLab employs robotic arms to precisely and automatically perform sample preparation steps in routine analysis with options for the dispensing of dilution water, seed and ATU, stirring, weighing, cap removal etc.
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AR paring

AA500 - Fully Automated Segmented Flow Analysis

The SEAL AA500 incorporates automation previously unseen in Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers, with true automated start up, automated standard preparation and dilution, and true automated shutdown. The computer controlled automatic pump platen engage and release with AACE intelligent software performs an automatic start up and shutdown. This includes turning on/off the pump,
engaging/releasing the platen on/off the pump tubes, and a valve controlled reagent/wash program.
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SEAL chemists have designed an automated analyser that gives everything an environmental lab needs in one compact instrument. Like other Discrete Analyzers in the SEAL range, the AQ400 will give you the best analysis and performance while eliminating problems inherent in analysers designed for clinical use. The AQ400 is the fastest and best value discrete analyser on the market.
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