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About us

LGC is a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality certified reference materials, research chemicals, and proficiency testing, outsourcing and analytical testing services.

We employ our 180 years of scientific heritage, cutting-edge expertise in measurement science and track record of innovation to progress research & development and improve outcomes across pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, food, environment, industry and consumer products. We serve as the UK’s National Measurement Institute for chemical and bioanalytical measurements.

Our products and services stand out, producing to the highest quality, continually adapting to changing regulation, and providing expert support and documentation to help ensure the accuracy of your analytical results.

LGC. Science for a safer world.

Accurate measurement for standards you can trust.

High-quality products uphold your testing and analytical results.

Our novel chemical synthesis routes support your innovative research.

Our experienced, skilled chemists are ready to address all your product and testing queries.


Mercatorstr. 51
46485 Wesel

Phone:  +49 281 98870
Queen's Rd
Teddington TW11 0LY
United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 20 89437000

Contact person:

Martina Flynn
Regional Marketing Director EMEA
Phone: +44 7387 416018

Products & Services

  • TRC offers 150,000+ research chemicals, with a large inventory readily available globally. Discover our wide range of bioactive small molecules, stable isotope labelled & controlled substances to advance your research.

  • Dr Ehrenstorfer provides a comprehensive range of high-quality reference materials. Over 50% of the portfolio is accredited to ISO 17034, with 14,000+ reference materials available.

  • LGC Industrial offers innovative & agile measurement tools for a safe global infrastructure. Combining VHG, ARMI, MBH & Paragon Scientific, we deliver a wide range of petrochemical, metal, mining, powder & physical reference materials.

  • 7,000+ high-quality accredited Mikromol pharmaceutical API, impurity & excipient reference standards, >95% ready to ship alongside market leading COAs. We also provide RMs management services & custom manufacturing.

  • AXIO Proficiency Testing is a global provider of proficiency testing schemes. We support over 13,000 laboratories, with over 2,700 proficiency tests, in over 165 countries worldwide.

Solutions for Pharma & Forensic testing

LGC provides a comprehensive range for the drug delivery process, from discovery to release. We offer primary reference standards, proficiency testing schemes and research chemicals to support your lab needs.

We also supply high-quality forensic and toxicology reference materials for efficient drug testing. Deliver quick and accurate analyses, gaining confidence in your results. Unveil our cutting-edge Pharma & Forensic testing solutions, supported by our brands TRC, Mikromol & AXIO.
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Solutions for Environmental & Industrial testing

LGC Standards supports analytical testing with a market-leading range of reference materials and proficiency testing schemes, plus custom manufacturing and outsourcing services. Our portfolio adapts constantly to new regulations and technology– helping improve your lab’s efficiency and giving you confidence in your results. Together, LGC brands Dr Ehrenstorfer, LGC Industrial, EasiTab, TRC & AXIO enable you to test analytes from pesticides, PFAS, and petrochemicals to microbes, metals, and more.
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Solutions for Food & Beverage testing

LGC Standards has decades of experience in designing reference materials and proficiency testing schemes to support food and beverage testing. Our range constantly adapts to changing regulations and technology - and now covers pesticides, PFAS, pharmaceutical and veterinary residues, microbial contaminants, mycotoxins, food allergens and more. Why not discover the cutting-edge food and beverage testing solutions provided by our Dr Ehrenstorfer, Industrial, TRC, Mikromol and AXIO brands?
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