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About us

Water in its purest form

For our clients of laboratory and medical technology, science and research as well as pharmacy and industry we deliver Water in its purest form. Our pure and ultrapure water systems offer the right solution for every task and comply with international water standards such as ASTM, CLRW (CLSI), DIN EN ISO 15883 and 285.

From ion exchange filter cartridges to complex pure water systems in the central supply or terminal ultrapure water systems in analysis and life science.

Our experts will support your pure and ultra pure water tasks stakpure means over 25 years of industry experience on all continents. Since 2013 stakpure advise, plan, project and realize new solutions with a continually growing, young, ambitious team.

We supply and support our customers in laboratory and medical technology sectors, medical practices, clinics but also pharmaceutical and industrial sectors with fitting compact devices or complete central supply systems
tailored to their needs.


stakpure GmbH
Auf dem Kesseling 11
56414 Niederahr

Phone:  +49 2602 106730

Contact person:

Tim Klein
Export Sales Manager
Phone: +49 2602 10673114

Products & Services

For clients of laboratory & medical technology, science & research, pharmacy & industry we deliver Water in its purest form.

Our pure & ultrapure water systems offer the right solution for every task & comply with international water standards.

• Ion exchangers in cartridges of synthetic material or stainless steel cartridges: 10l per day or 300 to 3000l of demi water an hour. Also with stakpure digital and analogue conductivity meters

• Type I+II -Pure & ultra pure water: OmniaPure touch xs, OmniaTap basic & touch xs, OmniaLab ED(+), OmniaLab UP, OmniaLab DS

• Central systems: Central supply in the laboratory, medical technology, pharmacy and industry

• Capacity range from 20 l/h to 6,000 l/h individually projected. Supply over several floors

• Individual solutions with economical recirculation, pre-treatment lines & softeners product spectrum:

• reverse osmosis systems

• double-stage reverse osmosis systems

• electro-deionisation to the combination of different

OmniaPure xs touch Blueline - Ultrapure water type I

When your need is for highest quality pure water that
fulfils the demands of analytical & life science
laboratory requirements, then one of these
OmniaPures will be the right choice for you. The
incorporated pre-treatment constantly ensures the
reliability of your experimental results & reduces
running costs. •OptiFill touch dispenser •Spent Filters
are simply exchanged •Leakage sensor & pressure
reducer •Resource-saving filter volume •Very space
saving •Ready-to-use, incl. filter cartridges
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OmniaPure xs touch

OmniaPure xs touch with Optifill touch dispenser

External Optifilltouch dispenser – bench version

OmniaTap xs touch Blueline - Pure & ultrapure water types I + II

OmniaTap xs touch is the ideal system when both pure
water & ultrapure water are required, but in relatively
small amounts (5 or 8 l/h). The ability to provide both
types from a single system results from the
combination of ultramodern purification technologies.
•OptiFill touch dispenser •7 litres pure water tank with
recirculation of pure water & 2. outlet •Tank volume
display in % •Simple and economical filter replacement
•Leakage sensor & Volume dispensing •Space saving
•With TOC Monitoring
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External Optifilltouch dispenser – bench version

OmniaTap - Pure & ultra pure water types I + II

OmniaTap is ideal when both pure&ultrapure water are
required, but in modular amounts (12-20 l/h). Ultramodern
technology enables both qualities of water and
a connection directly to tap water. A press on the
dispenser button activates dispensing of ultrapure
water type I via the digital dispenser control. •OptiFill
dispenser •10-litres pure water tank with recirculation
of pure water&2.Outlet •Tank volume display in%
•Simple and economical filter replacement •Leakage
sensor & Volume dispensing
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OmniaTap 12/20

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