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DataPhysics Instruments GmbH

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About us

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH, a German company with 25 years of experience, specialises in measurement technology for surface science use cases.

We offer a wide range of devices, which can analyse chemical and physical properties of surfaces and interfaces, such as the interfacial tension, surface energy, work of adhesion, static and dynamic contact angles, roughness profiles, zeta potential and dispersion stability.

In short, our products help determining material properties whenever a liquid meets another liquid or a solid surface.

Our portfolio encompasses contact angle meter, force and spinning drop tensiometer, dispersion stability analysis systems, surface profile analysers and zeta-potential analysers.

Services also include professional contract measurements in our Application Centre.


DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
Raiffeisenstr. 34
70794 Filderstadt

Phone:  +49 711 7705560

Contact person:

Nils Langer
Phone: +49 711 7705560

Products & Services

Dynamic Contact Angle Tensiometers (DCAT series) are measuring devices for determining dynamic contact angles as well as surface and interface tension using standard probe bodies, such as the Du Noüy ring or the Wilhelmy plate.

Spinning Drop Tensiometer (SVT 25) are optical instruments for measuring very low interfacial tensions and rheological properties. They offer possibilities for the analysis of surfactant efficiency, for example in the enhanced oil recovery.

Optical Contact Angle Meters (OCA series) are measuring devices which can determine contact angles of sessile drops down to picolitre-range. Using pendant drops, surface and interfacial tensions can also be measured.

The MultiScan dispersion stability analysis system (MS 20) can conduct stability and aging analyses of dispersions.

The newest addition to the portfolio, the ZPA 20 Zeta Potential Analyzer, can determine the surface charge near the surface in solutions.

Contact Angle Meter of the OCA series

All contact angle meters of the OCA-series come with high-quality optics, accurate dosing and precise sample positioning. The entry-level model OCA 15EC has a camera lens with 6.5x zoom. The OCA 25 is compatible with the nanolitre dosing system, electronic direct dosing systems as well as with thermostatic devices. The OCA 50 allows to position the sample automaticaly. The expert model OCA 200 has a camera lens with 10x zoom and is compatible with a picolitre dosing system.
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The OCA 200 contact angle meter from DataPhysics Instruments

Tensiometer of the DCAT series

The tensiometer of the DCAT series are universal measuring devices, which allow to investigate numerous surface and interfacial properties. Highest precision and reproducibility of the measuring results is guaranteed by well-established measuring techniques and weighing technology. Due to state-of-the-art electronic components, all DCAT models offer a quick and precise actuator, automatic crash protection, and can be operated intuitively via the TP 50 control panel.
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The expert model DCAT 25 can characterise the smallest fibres.

Spinning-Drop-Tensiometer SVT 25

The Spinning-Drop-Tensiometer SVT 25 is an optical measurement instrument for the determination of ultra-low interfacial tensions and rheological interface properties. The 6.5-fold zoom lens enables the analysis of small and large drops alike. Fast processes can be captured with up to 3250 frames/s. A dynamic measurement drive creates a uniform rotation, even at rotational velocities of up to 20 000 rev/min. Temperatures between -30 °C and 180 °C can be set in the measuring cell.
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SVT 25 with temperature controlled measuring cell MC-TPC 25 and TP 50 control panel

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