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About us

schuett-biotec GmbH specializes in the manufacture of equipment for Biotechnology, Microbiology as well as Life Science and Cell Culture. schuett-biotec offers a large range of equipment - innovative instruments of excellent quality and covered by first-grade customer support worldwide.

With state-of-the-art products ranging from Inoculating Loop Sterilizers, Safety Bunsen Burners for each sterilization process, Roller Bottle Incubators for cell culture or Colony Counters, schuett-biotec GmbH provides numerous specialized solutions.

Made in Germany - The products are being produced since more than 60 years at the headquarter in Goettingen, Germany and are offered and distributed to national and international customers directly or by a network of authorized distributors.

Today schuett-biotec presents their products at major national and international laboratory trade fairs, i.e. ACHEMA (Frankfurt), ANALYTICA (Munich), LABVOLUTION (Hanover), ForumLabo (Paris) or ArabLab (Dubai).


schuett-biotec GmbH
Rudolf-Wissell-Str. 13
37079 Goettingen

Phone:  +49 551 504100

Contact person:

Andrea Arndt
General Manager
Phone: +49 551 504100

Products & Services

Many of schuett-biotec products are self-explanatory - however, with advanced applications, technical support by in-house specialists is readily available regardless of where in the world the end-user has his laboratory.

With products ranging from the "schuett phoenix II" electrical Safety Bunsen Burner of the innovative "schuett solaris" Loop Sterilizer for sterilizing with light purposes, both to use in microbiological safety cabinets, to the "INCUDRIVE" Roller Bottle Incubators for cell culture or "schuett count" and "schuett colonyQuant" manual/automated Colony Counters especially designed for Quality Control.

schuett-biotec GmbH provides numerous state-of-the-art solutions for Biotechnology, Microbiology as well as Life Science and Cell Culture - Made in Germany.

schuett solaris Loop Sterilizer – It´s magic … Sterilization with light!

For sterilizing inoculating loops, tweezers or small
instruments by using standard electrical power. No
gas, no cartridge necessary ... The solaris detects the
inoculating loop via a contact-free IR sensor, starts
automatically the sterilization cycle for 5 or 7 seconds
up to 1,300°C! A quartz tube serves as the chamber,
keeps pathogenic material from spreading and can
easily be removed for cleaning. Always ready for
operation – no preheating, no energy consumption.
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Increase security with our electrical Safety Bunsen Burner in your laboratory and work with controlled gas consumption

schuett phoenix II is equipped with a highlighted colour
display and easy menu Navigation. Settings, remarks
and warning information will be displayed in more than
10 languages. Modern design, Joystick navigation,
unique “Click-Stop“-gas/air regulation, controlled burntime,
automated safety shut down etc. It may be used
with natural gas (central gas line), propane/butane gas
(cartridges) or without cables or hoses (accu model) for
up to 30 h performance.
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schuett count colony counter (manually) ... Facilitates counting of Petri dishes

Supports to evaluate Petri dishes in microbiological lab. Reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies or bacteriophage plaques growing on agar or nutrient disks in Petri dishes, diam. 50 to 150 mm.

State-of-the-art LED-lighting for illumination, without heat generation, glare-free. Lighting intensity adjustable.

Marking on the Petri dish. The result shown on a 4-digit LED-display. Sample series or surveys. Average is calculated at the push of a button.
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