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JAS Joint Analytical Systems GmbH

JAS Joint Analytical Systems GmbH

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About us

JAS Joint Analytical Systems GmbH has been active in the field of chromatography and spectroscopy since 1995. As a major supplier of multi-platform technologies, we design, manufacture and adapt analysis devices for any specific requirement.

Our customers and partners all over the world have come to know us for our expertise based on many years of experience in instrumentation and the motivation of a broad team of engineers and scientists from the fields of technology and IT.

With headquarters in Germany and the USA and subsidiaries in China, Singapore and India, we are able to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

Our long experience with Agilent Technologies products provides a solid foundation to meet the challenge of developing solutions that optimise workflow and increase efficiency, whether we are dealing with a standard solution or our customer has one.

JAS Customized Solutions - Valve Systems + Special Designs + Multi Vendor Systems

JAS Headquarter Germany

JAS AED III GC8890 System

JAS GBS – Gas Bag Sampler – Automatic Gas Sampler

JAS LPG Vaporizer. JAS LPG consists of a heated evaporator with a back pressure regulator

JAS RGA CO C2H2 CO2 Analazer

JAS SimDis Analyzer with JAS UNIS Inlet

JAS TG-GC-MS Coupling – Thermogravimetry Cobined with GC-NS Analysis

JAS UNIS – Universal Injection System Family: UNIS S/SL UNIS PTV UNIS HT PTV UNIS HT SimDis


JAS Joint Analytical Systems GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 49
47445 Moers

Phone:  +49 2841 9871100

Contact person:

Stefan Kraemer
Head of Sales

Kumar Subbiah
Development Manager

Products & Services

  • AED - Atomic Emission Detector;

  • GBS - Gas Bag Sampler;

  • LPG - Liquid Purge Gas Vaporizer;

  • RGA/Mach-RGA - Refinary Gas Analyzer;

  • NGA - Natural Gas Analyzer;

  • SimDis - Simulated Destillation Analyzer;

  • UNIS - GC Inlets Split/Splitless/PTV/Simdis

JAS AED III – Atomic Emission Detector

The JAS AED III is the only commercially available atomic emission detector (AED) for gas chromatographie. It lets you detect virtually all elements within any volatized compound (except helium, the carrier gas) at picogram-level sensitivities, with excellent selectivities.

JAS AED III GC8890 System

JAS AED III GC8890 MSD5977B System

JAS GBS – Automatic Gas Bag Sampler

The Automated Gas Sampler enables you to perform multiple gas analyses without manual sample handling. Plug all your gas samples into the ten dedicated sample ports and start your sequence. The device is equipped with a multi-position valve for selecting a sample port and a pump for transferring samples to your analytical system. The maximum sample pressure is three or six bar, depending on the valve selection.

JAS GBS GC8890 System

JAS LPG Vaporizer – Liquid Purge Gas Vaporizer

LP-Gas (LPG) is transported and stored as a liquid under pressure. The difficulty is, how to inject LP-Gas in a GC system. The phase transition depends on different parameters like compound concentration, pressure and temperature of sample as well as of the atmosphere.

The best solution is the JAS LPG Vaporizer to control all necessary parameters for a reproducible phase transition and sample transfer to the GC analyzers.

JAS LPG GC8890 System

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