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About us

Water-i.d. is a manufacturer of water testing equipment and reagents with headquarters in Germany.

Founded 20 years ago, Water-i.d. distributes water testing equipment in more than 100 countries around the globe, serving different industries, such as drinking water/potable water, waste water, laboratories, marine industry, food processing, Pool & Spa and many more.

Water-i.d. received several awards for its outstanding innovative products, such as the unique PrimeLab Photometer, covering 18 wavelengths simultaneously, offering more than 140 different parameter methods plus a wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connection to a free app and free software, synchronized via a free Cloud service.

The powerful app and software allows data management as well as dosage recommendations, based on individual water treatment chemicals.

Water-i.d. is proud of being able to offer various OEM options already at low MOQ numbers. For further information, please visit our websites


Daimlerstr. 20
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Phone:  +49 721 7820290
Aquashi Trading LLC (Dubai)
1704 Palace Tower, Silicon Oasis
United Arab Emirates

Phone:  +971 4 320 8777

Products & Services

On the ArabLab 2023 show, Water-i.d. presents the PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer as well as the new ProbeBOX 1.0 (to be connected to the PrimeLab 2.0) for electro-chemical measurements, such as pH, EC, TDS, ORP and temperature.

Furthermore, manual testing devices, such as titration solutions, test strips, electronic meters, will be presented along with our full range of water testing reagents, Made in Germany.

PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer

The PrimeLab 2.0 photometer impresses with measurement on 18 wavelengths, a 5.5'' touch HD display, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB, a QR scanner and a powerful rechargeable battery. Users can choose from over 140 different water parameters from A for aluminum over C for COD to Z for zinc, as well as over 20 user languages. Measurement results can be synchronized and managed by account via the powerful, free of charge LabCOM app/software/cloud.
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PrimeLab 2.0 - the perfect laboratory tool

The new ProbeBOX 1.0 for PrimeLab 2.0

PrimeLab 2.0 features

ProbeBOX 1.0

The ProbeBOX 1.0 is an add-on to the PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer and allows to turn the PrimeLab 2.0 into a benchtop meter for electro-chemical measurements of pH, EC, TDS, ORP and temperature
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The ProbeBOX 1.0 for the PrimeLab 2.0

PoolLab 2.0

The all new PoolLab 2.0 is able to test 3 parameters in parallel. The PoolLab 2.0 can measure 24 pool water parameters. Bluetooth and WiFi allow direct communication with the LabCOM App and software, both synchronized via the LabCOM Cloud.
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The PoolLab 2.0 - your perfect pool water testing tool

The PoolLab 2.0 - your perfect pool water testing tool

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