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NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl and NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18

The core-shell product range of MACHEREY-NAGEL has been extended by NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 and NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl. Due to polar endcapping and core-shell technology NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 can be used for fast analyses under highly aqueous conditions, especially for very polar analytes.NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl features enhanced π-π interactions and a remarkable efficiency for separation of        aromatic and unsaturated analytes combined with a high hydrophobicity in comparison to other aryl phases.Applications for pharmaceuticals, mycotoxins, phthalates, THC and derivatives, pesticides, water soluble vitamins, organic acids, hormons and sweeteners can be found in the MN application database (

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Exhibitor: MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co. KG