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ISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH

Starting on its foundation in 1996, ISOLAB GmbH has been a company that relies on its products of highest quality, puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as service quality and sustains the strength of its past into the future.
Based on the principles of innovative approach and entrepreneurial vision, ISOLAB has been dedicated to provide latest products and solutions to its customers for daily work in universities, institutions, laboratories,
research and applications in various industries. The success we achieved in laboratory consumables is a clear evidence of that customer trust.
Our main aim is to desire our work to support worldwide challenges, both through our products and also through our commitment to society. Innovative spirit, quality focus and customer orientation are simply enough to describe the core vision of ISOLAB.

We, as the ISOLAB Company, have been and always will be courageous to act and create with our pioneering spirit. The combination of innovative thinking and actions makes us proud of our entrepreneurial success. This
very determination and competence will continue to lead us into a bright future. Our main goal has always been to accommodate the best products and services in our sector. Keeping in mind, that such goal can be achieved through employees who think and act as entrepreneurs who are being offered a superior development and career opportunities.
We are providing our customers with the advanced technological solutions and products. Thanks to the ambition to obtain the superlative quality and thus keep the long lasting confidence bond, we will continue to serve the laboratory industry and beyond.


Top Quality
We simply produce superlative quality and our aim is to create perfection in all manners. We believe in improvement, we believe that nothing is stable and “progress starts with dreaming”. Thanks to our continuous
innovations and valuable know-how, we have the ambition to obtain the good, the better and the best.

We are technological drivers and trendsetters in our sector. Again and again, we have developed outstanding products and problem solutions. We will also continue to shape technological progress in future with the goal of achieving sustainable development.

We work in lean structures and processes and place an emphasis on achieving maximum material and work efficiency. In addition to ensuring the efficiency of our actions, this also protects the environment and limited resources.

Exhibitor: ISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH