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Adaptable and highly durable: the height-adjustable work table

With the new, electrically height-adjustable worktable, Wesemann improves not only the ergonomics in laboratories, but also takes into account the demand for included workplaces.

The newly designed aesthetic powder-coated panels conceal electric lifting columns which steplessly lift the table to the desired, ergonomically optimal working height just through the push of a button. 700 to 1,100 mm in height are possible - depending on whether the user wishes to work in sitting or standing position. The built in sensors ensure that the motor stops automatically when there is an obstacle. Further, a safe operation is also ensured through the closed sides of the panels that help to prevent the risk of bruising and furthermore make cleaning easier.

The table can be equipped with two or four lifting columns. Each lifting column has a load capacity of about 120 kg, so that a table can be loaded from about 200 to 400 kg. In addition to the width of the table, also the material of the table-top presents an important factor for it's load capacity. Wesemann offers here a wide selection of stoneware, solid core and melamine working tops, to mention only a few.

By connecting with simple patch cords, several tables can be coupled and lifted to a desired height even together - an important aspect, especially for modern internship rooms. In addition, the height-adjustable worktable can also be combined with all the Wesemann system furniture.

Since the table is not only perfect for the work of people with disabilities, it is also very suitable for people with back problems. A purchase of the furniture might further be promoted (according to programs of the healthcare system of your country - grants can be requested from the relevant authorities).

With four widths (600, 900, 1200, 1500 mm) and several depths, the table offers just the right size for every need. It is available in light gray (RAL 7035), white gray (similar to RAL DESIGN 000 9000) or optionally also in the customer's individual and desired colour.

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Exhibitor: Wesemann GmbH