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HiPace 700 H turbopump

The turbopump with high compression, especially for light gases.
Ideal for UHV applications.

With its new HiPace 300 H and HiPace 700 H,
Pfeiffer Vacuum presents turbopumps with the highest level
of compression available. The pumps have a compression
ratio of ≥10 7 for hydrogen, making it ideal for generating high
and ultra-high vacuum.
The high compression ratio results in a low residual gas background in the chamber, which is desirable for mass spectrometry applications, for example.

Thanks to the sophisticated design of the rotor, the
HiPace H turbopumps have an extraordinarily high max. fore-vacuum
pressure of 30 hPa. This allows the pump to achieve ultra-
high vacuum even when operated with a high fore-vacuum
pressure, for example in combination with diaphragm pumps.
The integrated “Intermittent mode” function ensures that a
connected backing pump is switched on by the HiPace H
only when the fore-vacuum pressure is no longer needed.
This reduces the energy consumption of the overall vacuum
system by more than 90 %.

Based on a so-called hybrid bearing, a combination of
ceramic ball bearings on the fore-vacuum side and perma-
nently magnetic radial bearings on the high vacuum side,
our HiPace turbopumps have a particularly robust bearing
design. Therefore the pumps have a long life cycle with a
preventive maintenance interval of greater 4 years.

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Exhibitor: Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH