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Disposable & sterile samplers

Bürkle disposable samplers are used to take samples of liquids, viscous
media, powders and granulates. Target point samples can be taken,
all-layer and cross-section samples, as well as small and large
sample quantities.
Unlike conventional reusable samplers, disposable samplers do not need to
be cleaned after use.
Cleaning reusable samplers is a demanding and often complicated task,
with greasy, strongly adhesive or toxic substances. Sometimes the task is
even impossible.
With disposable samplers:
- Work processes do not have to be interrupted by cleaning
- Cross contamination is completely eliminated
- The cleaning method does not need to be validated in audits
- Time and money are saved
- Individually packaged
- Production, assembly and packaging in clean room
- With EU foodstuffs and FDA approval
- Optionally sterilised by gamma rays

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Exhibitor: Bürkle GmbH