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SERVA BlueStain - automated gel staining

SERVA BlueStain automatically stains polyacrylamide gels. Accurate, reproducible, user-friendly. The system pumps the required liquids into the gel tray. Pumping out after the preset incubation time is just as fast and complete. Thanks to SERVA BlueStain you can stain gel around gel using the same protocol. This makes the device interesting for research, but especially for the diagnostic laboratory.
The SERVA BlueStain staining machine as a universal gel stainer is used in research and diagnostics where a high number of gels have to be stained and/or a reproducible method is essential. The device is suitable for the whole range of currently applied staining methods. The simple operation, the absolutely robust mechanics and the results achieved with the device make it an indispensable tool in your laboratory. Programs are pre-installed on delivery, e.g. different methods of Coomassie® and silver staining.

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Exhibitor: Serva Electrophoresis GmbH