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New generation of the VO series - Memmert vacuum oven scores with energy efficiency

Vacuum drying today: fast, comfortable, efficient

Like all Memmert devices with TwinDISPLAY convenience features, the new VO communicates via modern interfaces and can be programmed using modern AtmoCONTROL control and logging software. Memmert has transferred the possibility of programming digitally controlled vacuum cycles in which the interior is vented at short intervals in order to shorten the drying time to the new series. The Multi-Level-Sensing & Heating concept, in which the chamber load is heated on thermoshelves, each with its own large surface heating and sensors, was also retained.

The chemical-resistant Memmert vacuum pump, matched to the vacuum oven, regulates setpoints with high precision. Energy-efficient speed control ensures a considerable reduction in operating costs and significantly longer service life of diaphragms. Measurements in ramp operation showed energy savings of around 70 % compared to uncontrolled vacuum pumps. Even higher savings are possible with a constant vacuum value.

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Exhibitor: Memmert GmbH + Co. KG