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Nexxit – Your reliable partner when working in the laboratory

Nexxit is the new laboratory chair. Its specialist laboratory ergonomics and its synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment, adapt automatically to the particular movement sequences often seen in a laboratory setting. The Nexxit backrest features three stages of preselection, allowing the ideal position for any type of activity to be selected quickly and easily.
It is not only ergonomics that take a priority in the laboratory – it is also essential that everything is easy to clean. Nexxit is available in soft synthetic leather or hard-wearing integral foam. Both materials have antibacterial properties, are easy to clean and can withstand all con-ventional cleaning and disinfectant products.
The design of the Nexxit is the handiwork of designer Volker Eysing. Its distinctive handles not only define the overall look of the Nexxit, but also serve to ensure the chair is flexible and easy to manoeuvre. Nexxit is built to last, which is why Bimos guarantees it for ten years.

Exhibitor: Bimos - a brand of Interstuhl Bueromoebel GmbH & Co. KG