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ASTM Thermometers with non-wetting blue special liquid and coated capillary inside

ASTM Precision Thermometers, solid stem, white backed,
capillary tube specially coated inside, with non-wetting blue special liquid
with Works Certificate (1 test point)


S5C, -38+50:1°C
S5F, -36+120:2°F
S12C, -20+102:0,2°C
S12F, -5+215:0,5°F
S15C, -2+80:0,2°C
S15F, +30+180:0,5°F
S18C, +34+42:0,1°C
S18F, +94+108:0,2°F
S22C, +95+103:0,1°C
S22F, +204+218:0,2°F
S56C, +19+35:0,02°C
S56F, +66+95:0,05°F
S58C, -34+49:0,5°C
S58F, -30+120:1°F
S59C, -18+82:0,5°C
S59F, 0+180:1°F
S62C, -38+2:0,1°C
S62F, -36+35:0,2°F
S63C, -8+32:0,1°C
S63F, +18+89:0,2°F
S64C, +25+55:0,1°C
S64F, +77+131:0,2°F
S65C, +50+80:0,1°C
S65F, +122+176:0,2°F
S66C, +75+105:0,1°C
S66F, +167+221:0,2°F
S67C, +95+155:0,2°C
S67F, +203+311:0,5°F
S91C, +20+50:0,1°C
S116C, +18,9+25,1:0,01°C
S117C, +23,9+30,1:0,01°C
S120C, +38,6+41,4:0,05°C
S130C, -7+105:0,5°C
S130F, +20+220:1°F

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Exhibitor: Amarell GmbH & Co. KG