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12–14 March 2019 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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2mag AG

Magnetic Stirrers, 100% maintenance-/wear-free, submersible, stainless-steel, resistant up to 200°C, up to 96 positions, 1ml-1000 liters, cell culture, customizing, 100% Germany.

Booth number: 413

Berrytec GmbH

Manufacturer of pure and ultrapure water systems for laboratory and industrial applications, as well as membrane filters and syringe filters for analytical applications

Booth number: 324

Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Sensitive and reliable radiation measuring technology for measurement of radioactive contamination, dose/doserate, activity and airborne activity concentrations.

Booth number: 506

BMG Labtech GmbH

The company BMG LABTECH has been committed to providing high quality microplate readers for academic and high-throughput laboratories.

Booth number: 402

Edmund Bühler GmbH

Edmund Bühler GmbH is manufacturer of shakers, incubator hoods, infrared heaters and homogenizers - “Made in Germany”.

Booth number: 408

DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

German quality,technology enterprise,DÜPERTHAL,set the standards when it comes to designing system solutions for process-optimised storage of chemicals with safety cabinets type90.

Booth number: 420

EKASTU Safety GmbH

EKASTU Safety manufactures a wide range of first class Personal Protective Equipment such as Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, First Aid and Hand Protection.

Booth number: 404

EMCLAB Instruments GmbH

EMCLAB Instruments is a manufacturer of lab instruments and supplier for lab products for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industry.

Booth number: 412

Eppendorf AG

The Eppendorf brand has been synonymous with customer-oriented processes and innovative products, such as laboratory devices and consumables for liquid-, cell- and sample handling.

Booth number: 421

häberle LABORTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG

haeberle is a b-2-b distributor of lab consumables/equipment/life science products. As a one-stop-shop, haeberle offers high-level consulting supplemented by short-term-delivery.

Booth number: 517

Herolab GmbH Laborgeräte

Established 1979, Manufacturer of Centrifuges also with refrigeration, Highspeed and Ultra Centrifuge Labware, Gel Documentation and Analysis Systems, Ultra Violet Products.

Booth number: 308

ISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH

For more than 20 years, ISOLAB puts utmost emphasis on flawless customer satisfaction and premium quality products.

Booth number: 628


JULABO develops and manufactures high-precision temperature control systems. 500,000 sold JULABO units demonstrate a high level of acceptance among users in research and industry.

Booth number: 519

LAT Labor und Analysen-Technik GmbH

LAT GmbH is a global supplier for laboratory and medical equipment, consumables and accessories of almost all known brands and manufacturers.

Booth number: 425

Lenz Laborglas GmbH & Co KG

Lenz Laborglas is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware for chemical and scientific labs worldwide.

Booth number: 622

LMS Consult GmbH & Co. KG

LMS supplies high-quality products from German and international manufacturers. Customers participate in the special terms which are the result of our good relations with suppliers

Booth number: 316

Memmert GmbH + Co. KG

Memmert develops and produces heating and drying ovens, sterilisers, vacuum ovens, (cooled) incubators, CO2 incubators, climate chambers and water- and oilbaths in Germany.

Booth number: 501

Phoenix Instrument GmbH

We offer products with good Quality. Main product groups are stirrer and shaker, Liquid handling, centrifuges, Evaporator, Incubators, ovens, balances, pH-meter.

Booth number: 426

Poulten & Graf GmbH

Poulten & Graf is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality liquid handling devices, volumetric glassware, pasteur pipettes and syringes, with the trademarks FORTUNA and VOLAC.

Booth number: 314

Ratiolab GmbH

For more than 40 years ratiolab develops, produces and distributes high-quality plastic consumables for laboratories and medical aplications.

Booth number: 422

Retsch GmbH

RETSCH is the leading solution provider for neutral-to-analysis sample preparation and characterization of solids.

Booth number: 520

SETonic GmbH

SETonic Microsyringes Made in Germany

Booth number: 306

Sigma Laborzentrifugen GmbH

Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges is a worldwide leading manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges offering a broad spectrum of laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors.

Booth number: 516

stakpure GmbH

Pure- and ultrapure water Systems for ASTM type I and II, CLRW and DIN ISO 285. Water systems for laboratory analysis , autoclaves, laboratory rinsing eqiument.

Booth number: 424

Sykam GmbH

German manufacturer of HPLC Instruments and modules, Ion Chromatography Systems as well as dedicated Amino Acid Analyzer.

Booth number: 616

Systec GmbH

Systec GmbH is a manufacturer of laboratory sterilizers, autoclaves, media preparators and dispensing devices for liquid media and microbiological culture media.

Booth number: 515


VACUUBRAND offers vacuum pumps, local area vacuum networks (VACUU·LAN®) and state-of-the-art vacuum gauges & controllers for use in laboratory and industry

Booth number: 606

Wesemann GmbH

Wesemann is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-end laboratory furnishings.

Booth number: 400

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