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Since then the product range of spectrometers and accessories covers NearInfrared (NIR) analyzers for routine laboratory applications with a multitude of accessories for the sample conditioning and presentation.

Dedicated analytical solutions are available for agricultural, food, feed and other industrial applications which are sold in the market all over the world.
The wide range of specialized analytical systems is the result of technical challenge and product specific know-how.

A design according to advanced techniques, a high standard of production and strict quality control guarantee a durable and reliable operation of our instruments and accessories. Combining quality-conscious manufacturing and permanent quality assurance, we produce analysers that can be used virtually maintenance free for years.

ZEUTEC provides the necessary application, installation, calibration and training services, ensuring the continuing successful operation of our customers’ analyzer systems.

Products and services

ZEUTEC provides its customers with flow cells, light sources and software packages and the ”SpectraAlyzer” NIR spectrometers.

The SpectraAlyzer instruments are widely used in routine analysis of the agri, food, feed and chemical industry as well as in research stations and universities institutions worldwide.

The devices have a high benefit to our commercial and industrial customers.

Through the precise determination of the composition of the traded or produced product, a direct conclusion about the quality and cost of traded, used raw materials and the efficiency of the production is possible.

Using the data from the analyzers, yield and efficiency of the production process and thus the profit of our customers can be optimized.
The fast and accurate analysis of the properties of the product produced also serves the quality control and assurance. In agricultural trade, suppliers are paid based on the quality of the raw materials which is determined using the SpectraAlyzer devices.
SpectraAlyzer TEXTILE

Be smart – quality is the reward!

The SpectraAlyzer TEXTILE is the ideal solution for routine analysis of major quality parameters during textile or chemical production.

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SpectraAlyzer FOOD – Food Analysis & Quality Control

Great taste comes with great recipe and great quality

The SpectraAlyzer FOOD is the ideal solution for routine food analysis of major quality parameters during food production.

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SpectraAlyzer GRAIN – All Grain Analyzer and Quality Check

Great taste comes with great recipe and great quality

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN is an all grain analyzer, Near-InfraRed spectrometer which is dedicated to analyze the composition of grain samples using the near infrared absorbance characteristics of the sample spectra.

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