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LABOMATIC Instruments AG is a leader in life science industry in the field of preparative liquid chromatography, specialized in high quality preparative high-performance liquid chromatography instruments.
Our instruments enjoy the international reputation of Swiss products for quality and precision. Years of experience and daily contact with customers are the basis of LABOMATIC's expertise, which has the ultimate aim of providing a range to state-of-the-art instruments by constantly incorporating the very latest developments in technology and adapting these to the customer's requirements.
Since >20 years is LABOMATIC also active in the field of fluid and medical technology, producing customer-specific assemblies for medical diagnostics instruments.
The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Labomatic’s expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

Products and services

Standard and customized HPLC solutions, meeting ATEX and GMP certification:
-quaternary high-and low pressure gradient
Flow rate: up to 4920 ml/min; Pressure: up to 800 bar

Liquid Handling System:
->1000 customizable solutions
-Flexible and modular
-Up to 4 Z- axes

Axis routes:
X- axis up to 2800 mm
Y- axis up to 1000 mm
Z- axis up to 500 mm

-fraction collector
-online cleaning

Complex Fluid Assembling solutions
-micrometer precise Polymer tubings
-online (x-ray) dimension controling
-Surface and inclusions video monitoring

-Fittings (torque-fitting), couplings and other products for analytical, medical and fluid handling systems


ATEX HPLC System, meets ATEX classification and GMP certification according to today's standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Flow rates: 2 to 4920 ml/min
Pressures up to 800 bar
„„Binary, ternary and quaternary low or high pressure gradients

Liquid Handling LH-5000 Series

- >1000 customizable solutions
- flexible and modular
- up to 4 Z axes

- online cleaning
- fraction collector
- autosampler
- aliquote

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Raffaele Diana
Head of Sales / Marketing
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Labomatic Instruments AG
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