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Founded by Edmund Bühler in the university city of Tübingen in 1880, Edmund Bühler GmbH is still owned by the family today.

138 years later, Edmund Bühler GmbH has developed to become a company which operates throughout the world. The production and sales of conventional laboratory devices is traditionally a main focus of the company. A second focal point is the development and production of research equipment, in particular for the quickly growing field of materials science.

In the laboratories of the world, the "Bühler Shaker" is considered to be a synonym for the efficiency of the company. Competence, experience and the commitment to excellence in quality, which is steadily anchored in the company philosophy, form the basis for a unique program of technically mature products.

Do not expect less.

Products and services

State-of-the-art Laboratory Equipment of various tasks

The reliable and versatile Bühler shakers and laboratory devices combine high reliability and long life also with high loads and continuous operation.

Shakers for mixing a variety of different samples

  • Different motions:
  • horizontal, orbital or switchable from orbital to horizontal
  • linear tilting movement
  • three-dimensional orbital movement

  • Loading capacities: 2 – 75 kg

  • Wide choice of rack systems for different vessels (Erlenmeyer flasks,
    separating funnels, microplates, test tubes, barrels)

  • Analog devices and control devices

  • Optional control interface or USB interface

    Incubator Hoods can be combined with the shakers for temperatures up to +60°C (can also be used as independent units).

    Infrared heaters for fast heating of samples without open flame.

    Homogenizers with knives for mechanical crushing of samples at very high speed.

    Vibrogen Cell Mills for the dissolution of samples according to the ball mill principle.
Universal shaker SM 30 A control

Table-top shaker with programmable shaking tasks for the mixing of difficult
media up to 30 kg with orbital shaking motion and shaking speed of 15 - 300 rpm. The shaker has a digital display and a programmable control.
You can choose between different rack systems depending on your application.

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2-storey top frame SM

Top frame with 2 coated trays with drillings for spring clamps or test
tube racks. Distance between the 2 storeys: 300 mm.
(height sufficient for 1000 ml Erlenmeryer flasks)
Alternatively, the rack systems Combifix SM or the universal tray SM can be mounted on the 2-storey top frame SM.
For easy handling (loading away from the shaker) it is recommended to use universal trays SM or sliding plates with Combifix SM, especially on the lower level.

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News & Innovations

Tube Roller RM 2

Gentle tilting and rotating motion for uniform mixing

  • Robust tube roller which requires little space

  • Suitable for all standard tube sizes, flasks and universal vessels up to
    80 mm in diameter thanks to removable rolls

  • For easy cleaning the plastic rolls as well as the spill tray can be removed

  • The soft start of the shaker ensures optimal growth of the cell cultures

  • Control unit with LED display for easy setting of shaking speed and

  • Minimal heat emission for constant conditions

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Shaker KM CO2
Shaker made of stainless steel especially for use in CO2 incubators!

The shaker KM CO2 is our solution for an optimal development of your cell cultures.

Using materials of only the highest quality and stainless steel components, the KM CO2 was especially designed for use in incubators with up to 20% CO2 concentration and up to 95% humidity (non-condensing).

With a minimal heat emission of only 4 watts, the conditions in the CO2 incubator remain constant, thereby guaranteeing the optimum development of your cell cultures. The low-maintenance direct drive without drive belts guarantees a soft start of the shaker and thereby protects your cells additionally.

The external control unit with LED display enables easy operation outside the incubator.

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