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2mag – Innovative Magnetic Stirrers – 100% Maintenance- and Wear-free

2mag - new established company, more than 35 years competence/experience in development, production, world-wide sales of magnetic stirrers or reaction blocks. 100% “Made in Germany”

Inductive Single- and Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers, NO Motors,
submersible, 1ml-10l, up to 96 positions, 100% maintenance-/wear-free, up to +200°C, IP 68, stainless steel, 100-2000 rpm

Magnetic Stirrers - up to 1,000 Litres
up to 1,000 litres, ideal in quality departments, pilot plant stations or with fermenters and bio reactors

Magnetic Stirring Systems for Cell-/Tissue Cultures
for cell-/tissue cultures, 5-250 rpm, 100% germ-proof, no own-generated heating effect, ideally for CO2 incubators, up to 4 positions

Stirring Blocks - Reaction Blocks
stirring blocks, heating and cooling

ATEX certified stirrers
for explosion protective areas

Steam and vacuum resistant stirrers
for steam sterilizes and steam chambers

Products and services

1. Magnetic stirrers, 100%, maintenance- and wear-free, submersible up to +95°C in water, using in ovens up to +200°C, in freezers down to -30°C, up to 96 positions

2. Cell culture stirrers, slow moving hermetically closed, water-, dust- and germ-proof, no own-generated heating effect, up to 4 positions

3. Powerful industrial stirrers for high viscous medias or volumes up to 1,000 litres

4. Hotplate stirrers with 1, 6 or 15 positions

5. ATEX certified stirring system for using in explosion protective areas

6. Stirring Drybath, reaction blocks, temperature range from -80°C up to +200°C with integrated magnetic stirrer

7. Customized stirring systems with individual design on request

Submersible Stirrers MIXdrive series

Inductive Single- and Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers, NO Motors.
Submersible stirring systems (series “MIXdrive”), from miniaturized cuvette (5ml) stirrers to powerful 10 litre models with 4-, 6-, 15-, 16-, 24- und 60- as well as 96-positions, without any moving parts, 100% maintenance- und wear-free, temperature resistant up to +95°C submersed and up to +200°C in ovens, hermetically encapsulated, IP 68, stainless steel housings, stirring speeds from 100-2.000 rpm, 40% more stirring power.

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Cell Culture Stirrer bioMIXdrive series

Magnetic Stirring Systems for Cell- and Tissue Cultures.
Especially made for cell- and tissue cultures we offer the magnetic stirrer series “bioMIXdrive”. The slow moving stirrers are 100% water-, dust- and germ-proof and without any own-generated heating effect. Therefore ideally for using in CO2 incubators and with 1, 2, 3 or 4 stirring positions available.

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Stirring Blocks and Reaction Blocks
Furthermore 2mag is manufacturing stirring blocks with heating and cooling possibility up to 96 positions as well as efficient reflux cooler and inert gas protection for the probes and against condensation and ice formation during the cooling process.

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