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About Eppendorf AG

Since 1945, the Eppendorf brand has been synonymous with customer-oriented processes and innovative products, such as laboratory devices and consumables for liquid handling, cell handling and sample handling.

Today, Eppendorf and its more than 3,100 employees serve as experts and advisors, using their unique knowledge and experience to support laboratories and research institutions around the world.

The foundation of the company's expertise is its focus on its customers. Eppendorf's exchange of ideas with its customers results in comprehensive solutions that in turn become industry standards.

Eppendorf will continue on this path in the future, true to the standard set by the company's founders: that of sustainably improving people's living conditions.

Products and services

Pipettes: Perfection lies in the details – this a principle that definitely holds true for our hand-held pipettes and associated consumables.

Centrifugation: We introduced our very first centrifuge in 1964 as an integral part of the Eppendorf Microliter System, and revolutionized life science research practices worldwide. To this day, the Eppendorf name remains synonymous with creative design, innovative technology and reliable performance that stand the test of time.

Freezers: Eppendorf offers different lines of freezers to meet a variety of needs: Depending on the approach, there are different questions for a freezer selection.

Do you need an upright freezer or a chest freezer?
Do you want a foam- insulated freezer wall enforced by vacuum insulation panels or is foam sufficient?
Which footprint in the lab is sufficient and/ or acceptable?
When chosing an upright freezer, do you need a 3- or 5-compartment instrument?

We want to provide you with high performance, sample safety, and convenience.

Manual Liqued Handling

Perfection lies in the details – this a principle that definitely holds true for our hand-held pipettes and associated consumables. A history of over 50 years in liquid handling has resulted in award-winning designs, cuttingedge production, optimal materials selection and products that are harmonized for the utmost performance – guaranteeing the quality you deserve.

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Centrifugation - 5910 R

The refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 R combines high capacity and performance in a compact and ergonomic product design. It comes with a modern user interface and an advanced temperature management system.

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Freezer - CryoCube F740

The Eppendorf CryoCube® F740 series is the latest addition to the Eppendorf Freezer family. Combining the high-quality tradition of our previous freezers with an increased capacity, the CryoCube F740 is designed to store more of your samples securely while maintaining optimal energy usage. The integration of the PhysioCare Concept® during development means that the CryoCube F740 is easier and more comfortable to use, supports an ergonomic workspace, and enables an optimal workflow in the lab.

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News & Innovations

CellXpert® C170i

Stay flexible for the future

  • Upgrade your device later in your lab (e.g. door handle position)

  • Advanced user interface for easy and complete control over parameter settings, monitoring, and documentation

    Safety for your cells

  • Uniform temperature with multiple sensors verified at 27 points (German Norm DIN 12880)

  • Fast temperature and CO2 recovery in less than 5 minutes without overshoot

  • Vibration and turbulence protection with fan-less design

  • 180 ºC High Temperature Disinfection (HTD)

    Save money

  • Significantly reduced gas consumption with smart gas control

  • Up to 25 % more usable space with fan-less design

  • No recurring costs for internal replacement parts (HEPA filters, UV lamps etc.)

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Centrifuge 5910 R

With its great versatility, the refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 R is setting the next benchmark for benchtop centrifuges. With a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors, this centrifuge was designed to accommodate a particularly broad spectrum of applications.

Cell harvests in bottles of capacities up to 750 mL, large-scale DNA and RNA isolations as well as Ficoll® gradients for the purification of lymphocytes and monocytes are merely a few examples of the many areas of application. The new universal swing-bucket rotor with unique universal adapters facilitates even quicker loading.

This system allows centrifugation of conical vessels up to 50 mL, plates, and 250 mL bottles for the first time without the need to change rotors, rotor buckets, or adapters.

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Missing a second temperature for an incubation at 37 °C or 95 °C at your Eppendorf ThermoMixer?

The Eppendorf SmartExtender offers a comfortable incubation tool which can easily be used as an add-on to your existing Eppendorf SmartBlocks and the Eppendorf ThermoMixer C/Fx as well as Eppendorf ThermoStat C. Up to 12 vessels (1.5 mL) can be heated up for a higher throughput and higher flexibility in your lab.

The independent heating function for the second temperature enables a parallel usage of an Eppendorf SmartBlock and the SmartExtender. The Eppendorf SmartBlock at the center can still be used for heating, cooling, and mixing.

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