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systemceram GmbH & Co KG is a young company, but with a long tradition. This apparent contradiction is deceiving, but the origins of today's company actually dates back to the Casting Ceramics Division of KCH – Keramchemie, founded in 1928.

Outstanding designs of shape and colour, or the opportunity for individual worktop designs, distinguish this state-of-the-art technology and have allowed systemceram to become a valued partner for the fitted kitchen and laboratory construction markets.

Special products require excellent planning and customer advice; for this reason we have specialist traders for fitted kitchens and the laboratory industry amongst our distribution partners.

The modern production plant is designed for the manufacture of ceramic specialist items and not for mass production. The vast production flexibility permitted through this has made systemceram a hub for specialist solutions, thus founding the third pillar of the company: specialised products for house and bathroom.

Products and services

Our competence in questions of design can be measured on the freedom of planning and reliability of planning, in which the time factor plays an increasingly important role.

Within the scope of max. 200 cm x 100 cm, our ceramics engineers are able to provide "just-in-time", highly individualised end products. This means that KeraLab products really are at the forefront of what is achievable. The initial basis for this is state of the art production conditions, such as the CADS-controlled milling system.

The diverse sizes and a large selection of beading forms in the field of worktops guarantee optimum functionalities depending on the area of application. These include laboratory sinks for any type of wall assembly or as under-worktop and fitted sinks for integrated liquid management in numerous designs.

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