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Retsch Technology develops and sells state-of-the-art optical measuring systems for particle size and particle shape analysis. The CAMSIZER systems, which operate on the basis of dynamic image analysis, permit the particle characterization of powders, granules, bulk materials and suspensions in a size range from 0.8 µm to 30 mm.

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Optical Particle Measurement Systems based on Dynamic Image Analysis with unique dual camera technology. The CAMSIZER P4 measures free flowing particles in a size range from 20 μm to 30 mm. The CAMSIZER X2 analyzes fine, agglomerated powders in a size range from 0.8 μm to 8 mm. Modular particle dispersion options also allow for measuring particles in
Dynamic Image Analyzer CAMSIZER X2

The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve product quality, reduce rejected lots and save on costs. Modular dispersion options allow for dry and wet measurements.


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Dynamic Image Analyzer CAMSIZER P4

The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyzer has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials. Whereas traditional sieve analysis, for example, can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER P4 simultaneously measures both particle size and shape – with much more detail and at a higher resolution.


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