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Pfeiffer Vacuum (Stock Exchange Symbol PFV, ISIN DE0006916604) is one of the world's leading providers of vacuum solutions. In addition to a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, the product portfolio comprises backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices, leak detectors, components as well as vacuum chambers and systems. Ever since the invention of the turbopump by Pfeiffer Vacuum, the company has stood for innovative solutions and hightech products that are used in the markets Analytic, Industry, Research & Development, Coating and Semiconductor. Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum is active throughout the world today. The company employs a workforce of some 3,100 people and has more than 20 subsidiaries. 

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Products and services

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers the widest range of leak testing solutions, such as the ASM 310 leak detector. Superior performance, light weight and universal voltage enables the ASM 310 to be easily operated at any location. With the HiCube Eco, Pfeiffer Vacuum provides modular turbo pumping stations for all high and ultra-high vacuum applications. This pumping station now reaches high ultimate pressures even faster, especially when combined with the HiPace 300 H turbopump which delivers particulary high compression

ASM 310 leak detector

Highly compact and light weight, the leak detector ASM
310 requires low maintenance. Its low weight and
universal voltage enable the ASM 310 to be easily
operated anywhere in the world.

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HiCube Eco pumping station for all high and

Our modular HiCube series pumping stations are
characterized by the combination of a HiPace series
turbopump with a dry or oil-sealed backing pump which
is designed for the requirements specific to the
application. The pumping station combination can be
individually and flexibly adjusted to precisely your
needs. Fully configured and ready for use, the
turbopump and backing pump are a perfect match -
just plug and play.

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Duo 3 DC rotary vane pump with innovative

With the new Duo 3 DC, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents a
two-stage rotary vane pump that was developed
especially for 24 VDC applications. It is the only rotary
vane pump in the market that operates in a
temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C. Due to its
consumption of less than 100 W in continuous
operation, it is extremely energy efficient. The
brushless motor and optional magnetic coupling make
the Duo 3 DC a very low-maintenance pump.

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News & Innovations

PrismaPro,- The latest generation of compact mass spectrometers. Modular design, powerful software, low detection limit.
The combination of high sensitivity, maximum stability and intelligent operation make the PrismaPro the perfect solution for mass spectrometry.
Its modular design offers you a variety of application options in industrial and analytical environments, in research & development, in semiconductor miconductor production and in coating technology.

The PrismaPro is the ideal solution for applications ranging from quality assurance, leak detection and residual gas analysis right through to complex, quantitative tasks.
The newly developed PV MassSpec software is a further plus.
In addition to being especially easy to operate, it also serves as an easy-to-read platform for transferring all measured data.

Alternatively to the PV MassSpec, the disclosed JSON programming
interface of the PrismaPro can also be accessed directly. Together with a wide selection of interfaces, such as digital and analog inputs and outputs or Ethernet, Integration into your system is easily achieved.

Our product and service professionals around the world stand ready to provide you with application assistance on the implementation of the PrismaPro. Many decades of customer and application-specific experiences make Pfeiffer Vacuum your ideal partner.
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HiPace 700 H turbopump
The turbopump with high compression, especially for light gases.
Ideal for UHV applications.

With its new HiPace 300 H and HiPace 700 H,
Pfeiffer Vacuum presents turbopumps with the highest level
of compression available. The pumps have a compression
ratio of ≥10 7 for hydrogen, making it ideal for generating high
and ultra-high vacuum.
The high compression ratio results in a low residual gas background in the chamber, which is desirable for mass spectrometry applications, for example.

Thanks to the sophisticated design of the rotor, the
HiPace H turbopumps have an extraordinarily high max. fore-vacuum
pressure of 30 hPa. This allows the pump to achieve ultra-
high vacuum even when operated with a high fore-vacuum
pressure, for example in combination with diaphragm pumps.
The integrated “Intermittent mode” function ensures that a
connected backing pump is switched on by the HiPace H
only when the fore-vacuum pressure is no longer needed.
This reduces the energy consumption of the overall vacuum
system by more than 90 %.

Based on a so-called hybrid bearing, a combination of
ceramic ball bearings on the fore-vacuum side and perma-
nently magnetic radial bearings on the high vacuum side,
our HiPace turbopumps have a particularly robust bearing
design. Therefore the pumps have a long life cycle with a
preventive maintenance interval of greater 4 years.
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