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Fore more than 110 years we set standards in the matter of technique, safety and development of centrifuges and incubators. Our portfolio includes universal usable laboratory centrifuges as well as incubators for microbiology.

Products and services

Laboratory centrifuges for virtually every centrifuging task required in practice: e. g. microlitre, hematocrit, benchtop, underbench, floorstanding, blood bank, robotic, refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges as well as cell washers and incubators for microbiology.
Small Centrifuges

Compact footprint saves bench space
Hettich´s small tabletop centrifuges require minimal bench space and are easy to reposition within your lab.
Fast and multifunctional, performance when you need it. These versatile centrifuges are ideal for low sample volume and offer quick turnaround for time sensitive samples. Both built-in and exchangeable rotors are available for multiple applications. Their speed, versatility and cost make them a valuable asset to any laboratory.

Microlitre Centrifuges

Better results and more samples in less time
Speed rates up to 18,000 RPM with RCF up to 31,540 accommodate a high number of samples to increase efficiency and throughput in your lab.
Wide range of capabilities
A variety of models and accessories support microliter tube quantities from 12 to 60 per run. bio-Containment and phenol-resistant lids for the safe centrifugation of hazardous samples are available.

HettCube Incubators

Environmentally friendly, economical and well designed. The HettCube range of incubators will benefit both, your balance sheet and the environment, as well as providing optimum growth conditions for your cultures.

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