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The Company – Reliable. Independent. Future-oriented.

We are international leaders in industrial process control, bioanalytics and radiation protection. Our focus is on developing and manufacturing high-performance and customer oriented measuring systems and devices. 

The production of high-quality measuring systems for industry and research began 70 years ago in Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest in Germany. 

Since then, the company´s history is characterized by pioneering innovations, technological progress and strong growth.

Products and services

The radiation protection division supplies extremely sensitive and reliable radiation measuring technology for the measurement of radioactive contamination, dose and dose rate, activity and airborne activity concentrations. The product spectrum covers small portable instruments up to large systems. Our customers are in research nuclear medicine, nuclear energy and in nuclear decommissioning and waste.

Berthold Technologies is also a global technology leader in life sciences: our microplate readers and washers, luminometers, label-free micro array systems, HPLC radio detectors, in vivo imagers, microvolume spectrometers, ELISA/assay workstations and Gamma counters made in Germany have been trusted by scientists for 70 years now.

We develop and manufacture user friendly, reliable, accurate and sensitive high quality solutions.

Personal Contamination Monitor LB 148

The LB 148 is a compact versatile personal contamination monitor for radiation protection applications with back of hand measurement. By means of the new scintillation technology it is possible to measure Alpha and Beta/ Gamma contamination simultaneously but the instrument can also be used as pure Alpha or pure Beta/Gamma monitor. The LB 148 has a removeable hand probe for clothin measurements. A personal registration can be made with optical card reader or transponder.

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LB 134 UMo II Universal Monitor

The LB 134 can be used to measure radioactive Alpha and Beta/Gamma contamination on surface such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing or skin as well as Gamma doserate in ambient dose equivalent H*(10).
Therefore a large number of detectors can be attached to the basic unit.

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LB 790 10-channel Alpha/Beta Low-Level Counter with PC software AMS

The 10-Channel Low-Level Counter - LB 790 allows simultaneous and separate measurements of low activities for alpha and beta radiation emitting radionuclides with a detection limit of approx. 12 mBq for Alpha (Am-241) and approx. 22 mBq for Beta (Sr-90) (according to ISO 11929; 1 h measuring time).

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