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MACHEREY-NAGEL is a globally operating company with stable growth. In the recent years, the annual turnover exceeded 115 million Euros.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes products for Filtration, Rapid Tests, Water Analysis, Chromatography and Bioanalysis. We are proud to carry more than 25,000 products designed and manufactured to fit your individual needs.

With more than 650 highly qualified and experienced employees MACHEREY-NAGEL provides the best and most convenient service to our customers.

10% of our staff have advanced degrees in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering, working in our research department on solutions to make your daily laboratory work easier.

Products and services

For over 100 years MACHEREY-NAGEL has been manufacturing test papers in Germany, controlling the entire value chain from R&D to after sales service.

Over this time, our experience and our love for our products has resulted in satisfied customers all over the world.

With our state of the art technology and proven products, MACHEREY-NAGEL customers are prepared to meet any analytical challenge in the future.

Medi-Test URYXXON® 500

The URYXXON® 500 is able to reliably and safely analyze up to 400 urine test strips per hour and is the logical further development of our classic URYXXON® 300. The URYXXON® 500 impresses with intuitive user guidance and a modern touch screen, which makes navigating the clearly structured menus very easy. The high-precision optics provide accurate results anytime, irrespective of the subjectivity of visual color interpretation. Please visit our website to learn more about our URYXXON® 500!

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Photometer NANOCOLOR® PF-12Plus

The NANOCOLOR® PF-12Plus Photometer is a consequent extension of its well accepted prerunner NANOCOLOR® PF-12 and tailor-made for the mobile analysis, equipped with additional functions. It enables the well established NTU-Check during the measurement of our NANOCOLOR® tube tests. The icon based user guidance and the new task bar turn the NANOCOLOR® PF-12Plus into a user friendly, easy and intuitively operated photometer for all scope of applications in water and waste water analysis.

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Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II

With the new NANOCOLOR® VIS II Spectrophotometer from MACHEREY-NAGEL, powerful performance meets a fantastic user experience. It is designed to deliver more safety and accuracy when analyzing the most important substance in the world – our water. The NANOCOLOR® VIS II spectrophotometer impresses with high-class technology and optics. As comprehensive spectrophotometer, the NANOCOLOR® VIS II meets all requirements of your daily laboratory work.

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News & Innovations

NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl and NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18

The core-shell product range of MACHEREY-NAGEL has been extended by NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 and NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl. Due to polar endcapping and core-shell technology NUCLEOSHELL® Bluebird RP 18 can be used for fast analyses under highly aqueous conditions, especially for very polar analytes.NUCLEOSHELL® Biphenyl features enhanced π-π interactions and a remarkable efficiency for separation of        aromatic and unsaturated analytes combined with a high hydrophobicity in comparison to other aryl phases.Applications for pharmaceuticals, mycotoxins, phthalates, THC and derivatives, pesticides, water soluble vitamins, organic acids, hormons and sweeteners can be found in the MN application database (

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The hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced polymeric SPE adsorbent CHROMABOND® HLB is specially designed for the enrichment of hydrophilic analytes (e.g., pharmaceuticals, pesticides) from polar matrices like blood, water and food. Besides the typical polypropylene columns, MACHEREY-NAGEL offers CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 HLB plates for high-throughput SPE in 96-well format.

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Durable reagent VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows

MACHEREY-NAGEL’s new product range of powder pillow reagents combines easy dosing of reagents with long-term stability and photometric precision. Every powder pillow contains the exact amount of reagent, which is needed for one determination. No contamination of reagents is possible. Therefore, the shelf life of reagent kits is up to five years.All necessary information for quality assurance, as test name, LOT and expiry date is printed on every powder pillow to ensure the highest measurement safety. No scissor or spoon is required for opening and dosing of powder pillow reagents directly into the test tube. This means maximum measurement-comfortability. Easy to understand pictogram and written instructions in six different languages are available for all powder pillow parameters. For all these reasons VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows safely and give reliable results even by unskilled users.VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows are available for many different parameters, which are important in drinking water, wastewater and general water analysis.Available parameters are:Chlorine free, Chlorine total, Ozone, Sulfate, Silica and pH.

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