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Poulten & Graf, with its specialty manufacturing facilities in Germany and England, is a supplier of high quality liquid handling products, such as FORTUNA OPTIFIX bottle top dispensers and volumetric and industrial glassware such as ASTM cylinders and flasks, VOLAC glass pasteur pipettes and FORTUNA glass syringes.

The quality of Poulten & Graf products ensures the problem-free export of specialist laboratory glassware to the United States, the Middle East and Asia. VOLAC Volumetric Glassware manufactured according to ASTM or USP standards, these glassware products guarantee maximum quality through their complete traceability, and individual serial numbers and quality certificates.

Products and services

Liquid Handling
Due to our long experience in the production of manual bottle top dispensers and automatic dosing systems, our products are easy to use, safe and precise. They are indispensible for everyday use in the laboratory.

  • FORTUNA® POLYFIX® bottle top dispenser

  • FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® high quality bottle top dispenser, 5 types from 2 to 500 ml

  • VOLAC micropipettors

  • FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® - redesigned automatic dispenser for easy serial dosing

    Volumetric Glassware

    Poulten & Graf offers a wide range of volumetric glassware under the trade marks FORTUNA® and VOLAC. Volumetric glassware made by Poulten & Graf is produced according to international standards: ASTM standard (Volac Volumetric flasks and cylinder), ISO and USP standard (all volumetric glassware as burettes, pipettes, flasks and cylinders). In addition we produce high quality pasteur pipettes.

    Glass Syringes

    We offer FORTUNA® OPTIMA® glass syringes and high quality single use syringes.
Automatic Dipensing Station

The new design and the large touchscreen display show that the OPTIMAT dispensing station has been completely revised. Above all, we focused on the operating comfort. The user can accurately and reliably carry out serial dispensing in volume ranges from 0.05 - 300 ml. Even aggressive liquids can be easily handled with the dosing pumps that are made out of high quality materials such as borosilicate glass and PTFE. The robust FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® 3 is perfectly suitable for continuous operation.

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FORTUNA OPTIFIX Bottle Top Dispensers

The FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® stands out not only by virtue of the bright yellow finger protection caps from the wide range of bottle top dispensers. Key benefits, such as visibility of the dosing, the use of durable materials and the complete lack of metallic materials, have led to the great success of OPTIFIX® dispenser. All OPTIFIX® can be used for trace analysis. Also unique are the ‘big sizes’ of the BASIC and SOLVENT dispenser, which are available in the volume ranges 200 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml.

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VOLAC Pasteur Pipettes

All VOLAC Glass Pasteur Pipettes are precision made from carefully automatic machines ensuring total uniformity of production. VOLAC Glass Pasteur Pipettes are available either plain, pre-flugged with non-absorbent cotton roving or pre-plugged and sterilized by vacuum autoclaving at 134°C. VOLAC Glass Pasteur Pipettes are made of soda lime glass, borosilicate glass or Cerium glass.

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