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About us

ECH is an independent enterprise founded in 1992.

The objects of the company are the development, manufacturing and marketing of analytical devices and measuring methods to analyze gas, water, industrial and municipal waste water and technical products, e.g. oil and gas.

The development of devices and methods has been successfully established for the past 20 years in national and international markets.

Important fields of applications are:

  • Laboratory analysis

  • Factory- and process analysis for technical control

  • On-site mobile analysis and on-line instruments

    We are able to comprehend customers’ specific problems and enquiries due to our own development of hardware and software. We response enquiries in the areas of development of new analytical measuring methods and application of measuring devices to control complex and technical industrial facilities, e.g. the controlling of waste water treatment plants or the monitoring of chemical, petrochemical and bioengineered processes.

Products and services

  • Karl-Fischer-Titrator AQUA 40.00 for determination of water content in solids, liquids and gases

  • LPG/LNG Analyzer

  • H2S-Analyzer for water/waste water, petrochemical products and gases

  • NH3-Analyzer for water/waste water and gases

  • Gas sensors

  • Portable gas chromatograph MobilGC

  • Biogas-Analyzer

  • Sn-Layer for determination of the thickness of the nonalloyed and alloyed tin layer on copper wires
AQUA 40.00 with LPG/LNG Module

The AQUA 40.00 can be used for microcoulometric determination of water content according to Karl-Fischer-Titration in liquid samples, solids and gases. The Basic Module can be upgraded with additional heating modules with high sensitive gas extraction for solids and oils. The instrument is designed for water determination in LPG and LNG. The optimized measuring device allows very low background drift and short measuring times. Therefore the analyzer can be used as a down to trace ppm-analysis.

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The online analyzer S-Online measures sulfides/H2S even below the odor threshold in wastewater. The monitoring of wastewater is easy: The device takes the wastewater sample automatically and transmits the measured value directly into the control room. The system is suitable for controlling of dosage pumps. Even complex matrices such as industrial wastewater (e. g. containing alkaline wastewater, hydrocarbons or ammonia) can be monitored instantly as well as providing reproducible results.

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The portable gas chromatograph MobilGC 2 is suitable for on-site operation, on-line process monitoring and laboratory work. Its special feature is the internal gas supply, which allows the on-site use. It can be chosen between different detectors (FID, TCD, PID) according to the analytical problem. The columns are individually heated. So it is possible to adjust various temperature programs. The comfortable software allows fast and accurate analysis and various evaluation modes.

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News & Innovations

Water determination in all types of samples with unrivaled flexibility
The water determination in solid and pasty samples, oils and viscous compounds is very easy with the Karl Fischer Titrator AQUA 40.00 with Vario Head Space Module.

No sample preparation is required: Weigh the sample in a headspace vial, close and seal the vial, and then start the analysis.

The closed loop carrier gas circulation is the unique advantage of the system. No additional gas drying is necessary. The carrier gas titrates dry continually within the closed loop. The total dryness of the gas supports the moisture release. This is important to heat sensitive samples gently. These advantages result in reducing reagent consumption considerably.

The manual version of Vario Head Space Module can be easily extended to the fully automated version with auto sampler (for vial sizes 2 R to 50 R). The modification for other sample vials is quickly and comfortably – just by changing the oven unit and the sample rack - with automatic ID and storage of all adjustments in defaults.

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