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Customer orientation is the foundation and an obligation for our business. Our origins lie in the year 1876 in which Professor Dr. H. Seeger founded in Berlin the Chemisches Laboratorium für Tonindustrie, which later became known under the name Tonindustrie Prüftechnik.

Today’s Toni Technik Baustoffprüfsysteme GmbH cultivated with the highest quality products and market-leading technology to become a global acting company in the field of building materials testing. In addition to supplying accurate, innovative and reliable testing machines Toni Technik also offers materials testing engineering, project management, user training, calibration and modernization of testing machines.

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Toni Technik is one of the international leading suppliers of building materials testing equipment. With accurate, innovative and reliable testing machines and an intelligent Software we deliver customized solutions for almost any test application of the modern mechanical building materials testing. Nowadays minimum dimensions and lightweight design are important factors in construction and manufacturing. The result are components made of innovative materials. Hence, the demands on the test methods and procedures have been risen. And it is only the state-of-the-art testing machine that can deliver the data needed for the simulation and the verification of your results.

By highly sophisticated testing machines and instruments, innovative measuring and control technologies, tailored accessories and intelligent software Toni Technik meets all these demands of the modern building material testing.

Electronic Air Permeability Instrument ToniPERM II

The air permeability tester ToniPERM II is designed for
the determination of the specific surface of powders,
especially suitable for the permanent control of manufacturing
characteristics in the daily laboratory work.
This measuring procedure serves as practice oriented
alternative for the standard procedures according to
EN 196 as well as ASTM C 204.

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Automatic Test Plant for Compressive Strength Tests ToniZEM

The test plant ToniZEM is designed as automatic, servohydraulic
machine in the accuracy class 1 according to
EN ISO 7500-1 and DIN 51220.
The ToniZEM is made for efficient, standard-compliant
compressive strength tests on cement and other binder
material specimens, like e.g.:
• prisms 40 x 40 x 160 mm according to EN 196
• cubes 2 inch (50 mm) according to ASTM C109
• cubes 70.7 mm according to BS 1881

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Automatic Vicat Needle Instrument ToniSET Expert

The ToniSET Expert is a PC-controlled needle instrument
according to Vicat and is designed for the standardcompliant
determination of the setting characteristics
of cement, gypsum and mortar according to EN 196-3,
EN 13279-2, EN 480-2, ASTM C191, ASTM C472 and
ASTM C807.
The instrument enables the determination of the initial
and the final setting as well as the determination of the
total setting process.

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