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In 1979, the company Hermle and our President, Erhard Knorr, decided to establish a new company under the name Hermle Laborgeraete GmbH.

In 1982, Erhard Knorr, as the sole owner has changed the name into Herolab. In more than 39 years Herolab has supplied innovative patented designed microprocessor controlled centrifuges although not sold under the name Herolab.

As Europeans largest manufacturer of Highspeed- and Ultra-Centrifuge-Tubes and Bottles, Herolab is selling these products directly or through partners worldwide as well to other centrifuge manufacturers.

Additionally are the development and manufacturing of Ultra Violet Products (Transilluminators, Hand Lamps, Crosslinker, PCR-Workstations), Gel-Spot-Picking Robotic systems and very professional Gel Imaging and Analysis Systems, including Chemiluminescence.

The benefit for the researchers all over the world is the long lasting quality of our products which is our understanding for "Made in Germany" and an obligation for us.

Products and services

  • Centrifuges, refrigerated and non-refrigerated
    with Rotors and Accessories

  • Tubes and Bottles for Centrifuges

  • Gel Documentation System

  • Gel Analysis Software

  • Darkroom Hoods
  • Ultra Violet Hand Lamps

  • Ultra Violet Transilluminators
HiCen SR Superspeed Centrifuge

HiCen SR, the Superspeed Floor Model Centrifuge of Herolab Characteristics of this centrifuge are the refrigeration system with temperature from – 20°C to + 40° C, max. speed 21,000 rpm = RCF of 50,743 x g, a total of 19 different rotors with a max. capacity of 4 x 1000 ml The unique APRI™ System (Automatic Positive Rotor Identification) makes user errors impossible. Safety is given by the lid-lock system, overspeed and imbalance detection with cut-off and many more excellent features.

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Spot Hunter Proteomic Workstation

Three essential steps of proteomic analysis – image capture, selection and extraction – in one housing provides a faster, efficient work. Image is captured from 2D gels stained with common methods, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain or fluorescent dyes with a high-resolution CCD camera. The software detects protein spots, creates a target list and transfers it to the picking unit. The selected spots, automatically extracted and transported into one or four standard microtiter plates - 96 or 384 wells

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Blue Line Centrifuges

Blue Line, Table Top High Speed Centrifuges, 5 Models and 17 Rotors, max speed from 16,000 - 30,000 rpm, up to 70,434 xg. With or without refrigeration. Fixed-Angle or Swing-out, Micro-liter tubes or up to 200 ml bottles., Microprocessor controlled, brushless induction drive stainless steel chamber with additional inner guard ring overspeed and imbalance detection with cut-off. Motorized lid lock, LCD Display or Touch Screen. Smooth and very quiet running, maintenance free for a very long time

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