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Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges is a worldwide leading manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges.

Centrifuges are standard equipment in every laboratory and are used intensively to separating components with different densities from liquids, for which they are virtually indispensable.
Sigma offers a broad spectrum of laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors and accessories. All of our products meet high standards of reliability and safety. The application areas include pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, medical analytics, environmental analytics, petroleum analyses and many other areas.
Sigma centrifuges are known for their performance and reliability as well as a high standard of safety. Sigma has the right solution for every specific customer need – compact small centrifuges, high-speed or stand-alone centrifuges, refrigerated or unrefrigerated, heated, or especially low noise. Our customers additionally benefit from our expert worldwide service.

Products and services

Sigma offers a broad spectrum of laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors and accessories
Sigma 3-30KS

Table top high speed centrifuge. Max. 30.000 rpm. Max. 70.121 x g. Rotor self locking mechanism g-Lock. (Patented for Sigma). User friendly Spincontrol S controller. Extra large TFT display. 60 Programs. Compact, space saving unit. High-performance cooling. Low noise level. Automatic rotor identification. Automatic rotor identification. Rotor life monitoring. Stainless steel chamber

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Sigma 2-7

Sigma 2-7. Small centrifuge. Innovative LED running indicator. Max 4.000 rpm. Max. 4 x 100 ml / Max. 30 x 15 ml. Up to 24 blood collection tubes per run (16 x 100 mm). Microtiterplate rotor. Clear and comvenient Spincontrol Basic. Accoustic signal. 10 programs. Two acceleration and deceleration curves. Low height for easy loading unloading. Shrt acceleration and deceleration times. Adjustable start delay. Low noise level. Motorized lid lock. Automatic lid opening Stainless steel chamber

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Sigma 1-14

Sigma 1-14. Compact microcentrifuge. Max. 14.800 rpm. max 16.162 x g. Max 24 x 1.5-2 ml. Convenient control. Clearly organized display. Short acceleration and deceleration times. Low noise level. Zero maintenance motor. Overspeed monitoring. Window for external speed control.

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News & Innovations

New g-lock® rotor system
The innovative g-lock rotor system from Sigma enables rotor exchange with no need for any tools or button pushing. Mounting and exchanging rotors could hardly be easier. The rotor is locked in place by centrifugal force after the centrifuge starts running, eliminating the need for screw mounting.

The new g-lock system makes rotor exchange effortless and is ideally suited to application scenarios that require working with more than one rotor. It minimises non-productive time and saves time and money.

Along with simplified and efficient handling, the system features exceptionally high safety. Improper or incorrect use is also prevented by the rotor identification system.

Furthermore, the g-lock system enables easy cleaning of the stainless steel chamber to help minimise contamination risks.


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