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In the lab, Elma ultrasonic devices are used for a wide variety of applications. Special programs, suitable accessories and cleaning chemistry facilitate daily work, e.g. with sieve cleaning, residual dirt analysis and much more.

To complete the product portfolio Elma offers also all necessary equipment for its units and cleaning systems. Tailor-cut cleaning chemicals for laboratories are developed and produced in the Elma application laboratory. Thus Elma cleaning chemicals are able to solve even highly complicate cleaning tasks for different applications.

Elma delivers state-of-the-art technology to customers all over the world due to long experience, innovative research and development and lab know-how.

Products and services

The Elma product range encloses

  • Elmasonic EASY:

    Highly efficient and cost-saving ultrasonic units

  • Elmasonic S and Elmasonic P:

    Ultrasonic units for sample preparations, sieve cleaning, degassing and more laboratory applications.

  • Suitable accessories for applications with ultrasound.

  • Elma Lab Clean:

    Special cleaning chemicals for laboratory equipment/applications.
Elmasonic EASY 100H

• 9 Elmasonic EASY cleaning units are ready for typical lab applications as well as for lab cleaning tasks.
• Activatable function “Pulse” is suited to remove even tenacious contaminations and for sample preparation of hardly soluble substances in the laboratory.
• Integrated “Sweep” function for intensive ultrasonic cleaning

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Elmasonic S 50R

Ultrasonic unit for sieve cleaning and sample preparation (HPLC analysis)
• Integrated special programs for sample preparation
• Quick and efficient degassing of samples and HPLC solvents with the
predefined Degas function
• Filling marks for working with smaller bundles and for saving water

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Elmasonic S 350R

Efficient test sieve cleaning and sample preparation with Elmasonic S 350R: • for 200 - 500 mm sieves
• with program-controlled ultrasound

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Elma Lab Clean Chemistry

The cleaning chemicals for the laboratory:

  • powerful cleaning concentrates from acidic to alkaline,

  • suitable for chemico-analytical and biological laboratories
    as well as for tensid-free applications in measuring analysis,

  • non-foaming and therefore universally applicable in ultrasonic baths
    and for splash and spray cleaning in laboratory rinsing automats,

  • prevent redeposition of lime and lime soap.

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