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The name is Bimos
and we are the specialist for seating solutions. Our company is backed up by 50 years of development and production experience for innovative workplace seating in Europe.

Bimos is the leading manufacturer of top-quality laboratory chairs in Europe with a special focus on laboratory work. In close cooperation with professionals and academic experts, we work out solutions relating to the specific activities in a laboratory, to design and ergonomics and also to health, safety and comfort.

Products and services

Products and services Laboratory work imposes unique seating requirements, which are unlike those of any other working environment. They have to allow for flexibility in terms of the work and must not take up too much space. Nevertheless, expectations remain high in respect of ergonomics and comfort, as laboratory tasks call for fine motor skills, and high levels of precision and concentration. The flexible configuration options take the strain out of demanding tasks that involve leaning forwards such as microscope or pipette work. The materials used are washable, can be disinfected and some even feature an antibacterial coating. During production, the utmost care is taken to ensure that there are no seams or gaps that could encourage germs or bacteria to grow. So Bimos laboratory chairs are the solution of choice, whenever seating is needed in the laboratory.
Nexxit Laboratoy chair

Nexxit is the new laboratory chair from Bimos. Operating the chair is intuitive and it requires only minimal effort to adjust. Its synchronous mechanism with automatic weight regulation is unique in the laboratory environment. The distinctive handles not only make the Nexxit easy to manoeuvre but also provide a fresh touch of colour. Nexxit is easy to clean and can withstand most disinfectants. Nexxit is also comfortable and so durable that Bimos supplies the Nexxit with a ten-year guarantee.

Labsit Laboratory chair

The characteristics of innovation in general are no less relevant to the chair on which these innovations are based. Labsit is the new chair for all kinds of laboratories. Its intelligent Flex function offers comfort and laboratory ergonomics with minimal adjustments required. Labsit has all the properties required for laboratory work and, it is light, universally applicable and unbeatable in terms of price and performance. Labsit is therefore a laboratory specialist and all-rounder all in one.

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Neon Laboratory chair

Neon Laboratory chair Comfort in your laboratory Neon, the new generation workplace chair, cuts a fine figure in the laboratory too. Neon supports the forward-leaning sitting position that is often necessary in work in the laboratory. Neon is very elegant; its modern design matches the high-tech laboratory environment perfectly. Of course the laboratory version of Neon has all the characteristics you would expect of a good laboratory chair.

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News & Innovations

Nexxit – Your reliable partner when working in the laboratory
Nexxit is the new laboratory chair. Its specialist laboratory ergonomics and its synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment, adapt automatically to the particular movement sequences often seen in a laboratory setting. The Nexxit backrest features three stages of preselection, allowing the ideal position for any type of activity to be selected quickly and easily.
It is not only ergonomics that take a priority in the laboratory – it is also essential that everything is easy to clean. Nexxit is available in soft synthetic leather or hard-wearing integral foam. Both materials have antibacterial properties, are easy to clean and can withstand all con-ventional cleaning and disinfectant products.
The design of the Nexxit is the handiwork of designer Volker Eysing. Its distinctive handles not only define the overall look of the Nexxit, but also serve to ensure the chair is flexible and easy to manoeuvre. Nexxit is built to last, which is why Bimos guarantees it for ten years.
Neon - the Chair as a clean tool for the laboratory.
Safe work is a question of cleanliness in the laboratory. This is not only dust and dirt but above all the impurities that are not visible. So deport-ed contamination can destroy findings and error skills. The materials used must be easily washable and disinfectable. Neon meets all of these requirements that are necessary for use in biotechnology labora-tories of safety classes S1, S2 and S3.
A Chair in the laboratory must allow for flexible working and may take up too much space. Yet expectations for ergonomics and comfort are high, because the tasks in the lab require fine motor skills, precision and concentration.
All variants of neon meet the necessary safety standards and of course have the GS mark.
An attractive appearance combined with a hygienic design that is ergonomic and easy to use: These are the characteristics that make up Labsit, the brand new laboratory chair from the Bimos brand. Not only does it satisfy all the requirements of this specialist working environment, but the Labsit also impresses with its fresh look, high-quality design and long service life. Whether used in laboratories or learning and teaching environments, this creation from Bimos –the market leader for top-quality industrial and laboratory chairs – is a specialist product, an all-rounder and, thanks to its range of colour options, an eye-catcher too.
The excellent properties of the Labsit that make it ideal for laboratories are proven by a variety of certificates. The design of the chair has been carefully considered down to the smallest detail to guarantee flexibility and ease of use. The first-class workmanship ensures long-lasting quality, even when used consistently over long periods – providing excellent value for money. All its surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. The seamless finishing of the low-emission materials further enhances the chair's cleanliness and contributes to the health and safety of laboratory employees. The repetitive tasks typical of laboratory work – such as pipetting – demand a high level of concentration and hand-eye coordination. Optimised seating solutions that allow a balance between sitting still and moving are crucial in this regard. The Labsit can be intuitively adjusted by means of its "Flex" function, and also stands out for its innovative materials and workmanship. The flexible backrest of the chair supports the body when leaning back or bending to the side. Just as flexible is the front edge of the seat, which facilitates a forward lean when sitting – for example, when bending over to look into a microscope. The ergonomic aspects of the Labsit help to avoid breathing difficulties caused by poor posture and circulation problems in the legs. All in all, it is an outstanding laboratory chair that excels in every aspect!

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