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Enhanced biopharmaceutical development:

The novel wet-dispersion.AID enables in combination with the SPE raman.ID 532 the identification and chemical characterization of particles in protein based formulations. Only a year after its introduction, it is widely used in formulation development and stability improvement in the leading biopharmaceutical companies.

Combination drug product testing including siliconization testing, particle evaluation and gliding-force functional testing are added to the company’s contract testing capabilities. This makes rap.ID a one stop agency on functionality, stability and compatibility testing of pre-filled syringes and cartridges used in modern auto-injection systems.

rap.ID provide the worlds fastest chemically specific sizing solution for topicals such as cremes and ointments. It has a great track record of method development and validation important for NDA and ANDA submitted to the US-FDA.

Exhibitor: rap.ID Particle Systems GmbH

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