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An attractive appearance in combination with hygienic design, ergonomics and ease of use: all these features are combined in a clever, simple manner in Labsit, the brand new laboratory chair from Bimos. Labsit not only meets all the requirements associated with this special profession, it also boasts a convincing fresh look, quality and durability.

Whether in the lab or in an educational and training environment, Bimos Labsit is a specialist as well as an all-rounder, and – thanks to its variety of colours – an eye-catcher at the same time.

The outstanding laboratory features of the new chair from Bimos is attested to by various certifications. Designed down to the smallest detail, comfortable and flexible, Labsit’s high-quality workmanship guarantees long-lasting quality even when used non-stop – all with excellent value for money.

All surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect. Seamless finishing of the low-emission materials also ensures cleanliness and the safety of laboratory personnel. Repetitive tasks commonly performed in the lab, e.g. pipetting, demand a high degree of concentration and hand-eye coordination. Optimised seating solutions that create a balance between rest and movement are essential in this environment. The built-in “Flex Function” makes adjusting Labsit easy and intuitive, while the chair’s innovative materials and finish are stylish and attractive. The flexible chair back supports the body when leaning back and bending to the side. The flexible front edge of the seat facilitates forward-tilt sitting, e.g. when using a microscope. The Labsit’s ergonomic features prevent breathing from being impaired by poor posture, and avoid blood circulation problems in the legs.

Space saving and mobile

Laboratory workplaces are special in numerous respects: Large numbers of individuals often work side by side in a confined area and change chairs during the course of their work.

Consequently, Labsit offers inherently intuitive settings and – thanks to the Flex Function – individualised, ergonomic seating without adjustment parameters. To prevent seating from “disturbing” during some work situations, the Labsit stool can be conveniently stored under a work surface and used as a short-term seating solution when needed. The integrated handle of the compact Labsit chair, however, permits it to be moved easily from position to position.

The optional Lab Clip accessory can be used to assign the chair to its specific lab area, a particular user or a company in general. In addition to its line-up of technical features, Labsit’s variety of colours visually distinguishes what is often a rather mundane laboratory environment. The chair’s excellent value for money also makes it extremely attractive to large companies in an international context.

Exhibitor: Bimos - a brand of Interstuhl Bueromoebel GmbH & Co. KG

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