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12–14 March 2019 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meet 102 German companies

Welcome to the German Pavilion at the ARAB LAB 2019!

The International Show For Tomorrow's Technology

12 – 14 March 2019
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the ARAB LAB 2019 Dubai.

Research and development, innovation and international competitiveness - these are impressive attributes of the medium-sized German companies active in the field of analytical and laboratory equipment. Facing the world-wide trend of specialisation and globalisation, exploring foreign markets has always been the outstanding strength and motivation of this industry. Due to the concentration and specialisation on niche products, the companies are able to offer "tailor-made" solutions made in Germany for any field of new application.

As a result, this sector is one of the most innovative sectors of the German industry with a high international reputation. The high export share of approx. 60 percent proves the international competitiveness of the products. Advanced technological standard, supreme quality and absolute reliability - also with regard to after sales services - secure the extraordinarily good position of German analytical and lab equipment among their international competitors also here in the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to the high degree of technical efficiency, and, additionally, due to the innovative character of the products, this situation could be manifested and improved in the recent years.

The sector of analytical and laboratory equipment provides the key for faster drug development, fighting cancer, SARS or other harmful diseases. The human genome would not have been understood without this technology made in Germany. Thanks to forensic applications, more crime cases have been solved and the civil security was enhanced. Similarly, process security in chemical industries could be improved due to developments of the analytical and laboratory industries.

If you are interested in more information on trade or on economic relations with Germany, please do not hesitate to visit the German Pavilion. Our companies will be pleased to help you with information concerning their products.

The German participation is presented by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA). SPECTARIS, the German Industrial Association for Optical, Medical and Mechatronical Technologies as well as NUMOV / German Near and Middle East Business Association support the German presentation.

On behalf of all exhibitors, we wish all participants a successful show and extend a warm welcome to all visitors of the German Pavilion in the Sheikh Saeed Hall at stand no. 600.

Exhibitors at the German Pavilion


KGW-Isotherm Schieder GmbH
Reaction vessel with Easy frame
Booth number: 509

Bruker Optik GmbH
TANGO FT-NIR Spectrometer
Booth number: 630

Labomatic Instruments GmbH
Booth number: 300

SETonic GmbH
Microsyringes for Most Common Autosampler
Booth number: 306

Labmix24 GmbH
Metals,Combustion, Industrial and Geological reference materials
Booth number: 321

Booth number:

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News & Innovations

ASTM Thermometers with non-wetting blue special liquid and coated capillary inside
ASTM Precision Thermometers, solid stem, white backed, capillary tube specially coated inside, with non-wetting blue special liquid with Works Certificate (1 test point) Types: S5C, -38+50:1°C S5F, -36+120:2°F S12C, -20+102:0,2°C S12F, -5+215:0,5°F S15C, -2+80:0,2°C S15F, +30+180:0,5°F S1... | Further reading

Sampling tube DispoDipper - now available with 50, 100 and 250 ml capacity!
Sampling tube manufactured in a clean room specially designed for disposable use. Due to the blue colour, it is also perfect for use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. The scaled sample container can be used for an exact measurement. After sampling, the container can be close... | Further reading

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Besides automated detection of all vial tests, each of the more than 150 pre-programmed Lovibond® methods can be identified via barcodes and triggered directly. In addition, the instruments detect the vial type, which helps to ensure the correct measurement range at any time. Standard procedures ... | Further reading

News & Innovations
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2mag AG
Booth number: 413