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A.KRÜSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optoelectronic measuring devices and analytical instruments. The family enterprise founded in 1796 offers an extensive range of products and customised solutions for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage industry as well as for research and science.

We also offer a wide variety of products for professional gemology.

Whether it is a refractometer, polarimeter, density meter, gas analyser, flame photometer, melting point meter or microscope – our instruments meet the highest requirements in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability. Thanks to our strong R&D capacities, we are a driving force in the technology market setting the standards for functional scope and user-friendliness.

A dense network of sales partners and certified service partners allows us to provide individual consultation as well as optimised service and support for our customers around the globe.

Products and services

  • DR6000 refractometer series

  • P8000 polarimeter series

  • DS7000 density meter series

  • MAT1000 gas analyser series

  • Extensive range of microscopes

  • FP8000 flame photometer series

  • M5000 and KSP1D/KSP1N melting point meters
DR6000 refractometer series

DR6000 refractometer series

Our refractometers of the DR6000 series are used for determining the refractive index of liquid or solid substances. They require only a small sample volume and come with a Peltier element allowing for a temperature control up to 80 °C. The samples are supplied manually, semi-automatically via peristaltic pump or fully automatically via autosampler. Like with all of our instruments, a practically unlimited number of scales and measurement methods can be set.

DS7000 density meter series

DS7000 density meter series

Our density meters of the DS7000 series are used for measuring the density, the relative density and the concentration of aqueous solutions. They require only a small sample volume and come with a Peltier element ensuring an efficient temperature control. For any working method and any type of sample we offer suitable density meter sets that include all the required accessories from tube sets and nozzles to splash guards to a peristaltic pump and various autosamplers.

P8000 polarimeter series

P8000 polarimeter series

Our devices of the P8000 series are the fastest polarimeters in the world thanks to our patented measurement procedure, which reduces the measurement time to approx. 1 s. They achieve a high measurement accuracy of up to ±0.002° and offer the option of a water bath or Peltier temperature control as well as a semi- or fully automatic operation. A self-explanatory, well-arranged user interface, which is found on all of our instruments, ensures a convenient user experience.

News & Innovations

Reliable control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging – with the new gas analysers from A.KRÜSS Optronic 

Manufacturers of sensitive or perishable products must guarantee high quality over a long period of time. Modifie Atmosphere Packaging plays a decisive role in this. Controlling modified atmospheres requires gas analysers that deliver fast, reliable measurement results and can be easily integrated into the work process – like the new devices from the MAT1000 series.

  • The MAT1100 with its electrochemical oxygen cell is the right choice if you only need to check the O2 concentration or only N2 is used.

  • The MAT1200 with its additional non-dispersive infrared sensor is the economical solution for O2 and CO2 measurements.

  • The MAT1400 with its zirconium dioxide sensor is the specialist for fast, high-precision O2 measurements.

  • The MAT1500 combines the advantages of the MAT1200 and MAT1400 offering maximum applicability, performance and precision.

Only a small sample volume is required, and stable measured values are available after 5–10 sec. An optional foot switch allows for a fast, fatigue-proof mode of operation in case of serial analyses. All devices feature a self-explanatory, well-arranged user interface that allows even non-expert personnel a quick operation. Their TFT display and touch-screen complete the convenient user experience.


A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH
Alsterdorfer Str. 276–278
22297 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 5143170

Michael Fischer
Phone: +49 89 14334252

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