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BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH

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About us

BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH (Bochum, Germany) is the leading manufacturer of acoustic levitation laboratory devices and equipment.

Our acoustic levitation technology provides a safe handling and a controlled levitation even under difficult conditions. The laboratory device L800 is the first high-pressure acoustic levitator which can levitate your samples under elevated pressures and temperatures up to 20 MPa and 453K.

Areas of application:

  • petro-chemical industry (physical properties, mass transport, gas hydrates)

  • pharmaceutical industry (crystallizations)

  • process engineering (extractions)

  • food technology (particle formation)

  • research & development (physical properties, fluid mechanics)

Furthermore, we provide test measurements and customized solutions for your experimental setup.

Products and services


The laboratory device L800 is well-suited for accurate measurements of mass-transport mechanisms of acoustically levitated droplets.

The specifically developed software detects the levitated sample automatically and analyzes the contour of the droplet. With this information the volume of the rotationally symmetric sample can be measured and documented.

After every measurement, a data sheet with all important parameters (e.g. time, temperature, pressure, volume, horizontal and vertical droplet diameter etc.) and picture material (pictures or a video) of the droplet will be stored on the PC.

With the help of the measured and stored volume-time-diagram it is possible to calculate valuable physical properties regarding the mass transport.



- automatically determination and documentation of the droplet-volume
- observation of solidification and crystal growth inside the droplet
- ideally suited for mass-transport, particle formation, gelation
and crystallization measurements
- pressure = 0.1 MPa - 20 MPa, temperature = 253 K - 453 K



- contact-free measurements of droplets even under harsh conditions
- avoidance of distortions by elimination of wall-contact between sample and cannula
- accurate and more realistic measurements
- plug & play apparatus with intuitive control
- droplet-shape is controllable (disc-shape or spherical-shape)
- short initial training phase
- easy cleaning

L800 / high-pressure measurement cell

L800 / high-pressure measurement cell

The L800 measurement view-cell (material 1.4571) has got 3 connections for high-pressure windows (sapphire), 1 connection for the ultrasonic sonotrode (titanium) and 1 connection for the sample injection system.


BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH
Brenscheder Str. 58
44799 Bochum

Phone: +49 234 35786057

Danijel Borosa

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