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Texas Multi Dynamics

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About us

A company with heritage dated from 1991 fully owned and managed by Technocrats, with a vision to provide scientific solution and services to customers in the Middle East and South Asia.

Products and services

TMD can provide you with bellow solutions:

  •  Alpha, Beta, X-Ray, Gamma and Neutron Spectroscopy & Dosimetry,

  •  Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si), Scintillation, Solid State Nuclear Track and other Radiation Detectors.

  •  Radiation Protection Equipment

  •  Control of Illicit Traffic of Radioactive and Nuclear Materials Including Gate Monitoring of Pedestrians, Cars and Containers.

  •  VIP Security from Nuclear and Chemical Gas Hazards.

  •  Air Monitors

  •  Radioactive Isotopes for Nuclear Medicine, Research and Industrial Uses.

  •  Educational Instruments.
  •  Electrochemical Research for corrosion impedance and electro analytical instruments such as Potentiostats/Galvanostats, Multichannel - Potentiostats, Polarographic Analyser ...

  •  Signal Recovery and Conditioning such as Preamplifiers, Noise Rejecting Voltmeter, Lock-in Amplifiers ...

  •  Brachytherapy.


Texas Multi Dynamics
401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1540
78701 Texas

Phone: +1 512 5350541

Adel Emam
Phone: +20 1004 285729

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