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PanReac AppliChem

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About us

We are manufacturers of laboratory reagents and chemicals for industrial use. Our products cover applications in chemical, biological research, pharmaceutical, medical and production.

We market our products worldwide through an extensive distribution network to more than 80 countries under the PanReac AppliChem brand.

The ITW Reagents division includes AppliChem GmbH, Nova Chimica Srl and Panreac Química SLU. It has two production plants and logistic centers in Castellar del Vallès (Spain) and Darmstadt (Germany).

Products and services

We are offering a wide range of top quality products for General Analysis, Spectroscopy and Chromatography, Microbiology, Histology and for Special Applications.

We also offer Biochemicals for Cell Biology and Cell Culture, Protein Biochemistry & Electrophoresis, Nucleic Acid Biochemistry and Biological Buffers.

Raw Materials: Pharma production and Excipients, Bioprocess, Food Additives, Reagents for API’s Synthesis and Diagnostics.

Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Diagnostics

We offer a full range of products for histology, hematology and microbiology including the most commonly used reagents in the process of preparing samples for examination under microscopes. With this range, all the stages of fixing, clearing, paraffin inclusion, staining and mounting are covered. The majority of the products used in this technique are in Clinical Diagnosis quality, with the CE mark in compliance with the provisions of the European Directive on products for “in vitro” diagnosis.

Spectroscopy and Chromatography

Spectroscopy and Chromatography

These techniques are very common and essential in almost all laboratories. For an accurate and brilliant result it becomes necessary to use reagents that meet the highest requirements in quality. Our range of acids and solvents for spectroscopy and HPLC are specifically designed to be used in the modern methods of Instrumental Analysis. These products are strictly controlled in our analytical labs. You can find different qualities depending on the technique: AAS, ICP, IR-UV-Vis, HPLC, GC, TLC.



We offer a wide range of products for Cell Biology/ Cell Culture, Protein Biochemistry and Electrophoresis, Nucleic Acid Biochemistry, General Biochemicals and Biological Buffers and Special Biochemicals.

News & Innovations

Decontamination of Nucleic Acids 

In cancer research, forensic medicine, or food hygiene, it is essential to avoid errors in diagnosis, scientific and forensic results, or in the microbiological quality control of food.

The sensitivity of DNA analysis techniques by PCR can cause problems when samples are unintentionally contaminated with DNA from another source.

DNA-ExitusPlus solution eliminates unwanted DNA contaminations in all PCR laboratories and other applications with nucleic acids.

It ensures 100% its activity being biodegradable, non-corrosive, and with zero toxicity for the laboratory operator.



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